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Creative, hilarious, fun, entertaining and full of love – these are the appropriate adjectives to describe one of the most well-known successful Mom influencers. And well-deserved girl. That’s right, we’re talking Kate known as kweilz. She never fails to capture the attention of her 314K Instagram followers with every single post. 


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When Kate and her husband Nate had their first baby girl, they were already married for over 5 years and just moved to their new second home in 2013. Scarlet Laurie Weiland was born in April, but Kate and Nate were throwing around Scarly for a while already. Laurie is after Kate’s mother. The influencer is hilarious. She literally talks about how Scarlet shortened as Scar was gonna be a cool name for a teenage daughter to have, so that was also a factor. How considerate Kate.

In 2014, Kate and Nate already had baby Will on the way. But Mama Kate kept busy being a high school teacher and a fitness instructor. She taught drama and arts since she was always artsy and that’s where her love for photography started to develop. 

Their second cute little baby boy Maksim Robert James Weiland was born in May of 2017. And the picture that Kate took of sleeping Nate with baby Maks sleeping on his back was one of the many photos that went viral from this artsy fun family. Another big one was the family lined up “wearing” sushi costumes. That’s when Kate knew that not only does #ourfamilybites have to continue being a thing, but she gotta step up the game. Coming up creative costume ideas with the fam is one of Kate’s most favorite things to do. And even though she has already shared plenty of entertaining and hilarious content, she says she has so many more ideas that she can’t wait to share with her beloved followers. 

Other than sharing genius photos of her lovely and cheerful family, the Mom influencer runs a blog called where she shares her family’s experiences and different events, as well as her honest thoughts and insights on various topics. For example, she has an article in there titled “What does it really feel like to give birth without pain relief?” And her personality really shines through when her first line is literally: “So why on earth am I even writing this?” And to: “So what is the million dollar question?” her first title response is “It’s intense but it’s not as bad as it looks.”

Kate is actually one of the top lifestyle influencers in the US with a 4.7% Instagram engagement rate. She is known for the matching family outfits Mom influencer but obviously, she’s much more than that. Her content is always engaging and relatable. Another reason why we have included her in our list of top Mom bloggers is that her creative posts continuously inspire many of her followers. So if you want to smile and continue to develop positive feelings about motherhood and family then just follow her.

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