Krista Horton

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Comments/Likes: 17.10
Engagement: 11.46
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Everything started with Krista simply coming home and dressing up Boston into matching outfits with her and asking her husband Bryce to take a picture of them. She was running an Instagram page at the time as well but she just did this for fun cause she liked to and didn’t think anything of it. Krista never thought that those matching outfits and showcasing her Mama realness on social media would make her into a successful full-time Mom influencer.

She admits to being pretty unaware of how things work and how much money there’s on the table if you just realize it and start taking it. Due to her growing following, different brands and shops started reaching out to her for collaborations. Krista Horton was in shock. She shares about how different companies were asking her to use their products and show them off on her Instagram, and in her head, it was like – oh, free clothes, hell yeah. But little did she know she can charge those companies for each post each deal. When she found out her reaction was literally like whaaat?

So yeah that’s when a hobby and something she simply liked to do turned into a full-on business. At first she was charging like $25 per post. But as the numbers of her followers increased so did the numbers she would charge per post. The now growing Mom influencer continued to be blown away by the amount of money brands are willing to pay influencers. She admits to being insanely happy that unlike a lot of people she realized the potential of making money out of that and got to work. Sometimes she does have days where she would be laying in bed and catching herself on the thought of how much time she spent on her phone throughout the day. But on the other hand, she reminds herself that if she would not be doing this then she would be out working a 9-5 and not even being able to see the kids properly and spend quality time with them. This way at least her job is literally about making sure she has time for her family except that she has to remember to document it all.

Things gradually turned out so good that even Bryce joined her in the influencer’s business/world. The financial freedom that the family gained because of Krista’s success allows the family to live the life they want, travel together, and have fun doing it.

If you wanna fill your day with joy and love then follow these two lovebirds at krista.horton and bryce_horton in order to keep up with their familial fun adventures.

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