Kody Antle


Kody Antle was born on January 11,1990. Kody’s father is Kevin Antle or Doc Antle who began raising and caring for whatever animal he could get his hands on at a very early age. Kevin Antle started The Institute for Greatly Endangered  and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.). Kody’s mom died nearly 20 years ago in a car accident .


Antle has a TikTok account with over 27M followers. In his videos, you will see how Antle interacts with animals. He trains them in different ways and takes care of them by feeding the various creatures at a farm or zoo. Of course this is not all he does as it would be impossible to do so much work alone but when people think about what an animal trainer must do they often don’t realize that interesting parts such as these are also included.


The only thing that can make a video of someone feeding animals more entertaining is the idea that they are also training and playing with them. Antle has an Instagram account in addition to his TikTok where he posts videos of him handling, pranking, or simply being around different types of wild life. Here he has over 4M followers.


The last word you will ever want to hear as part of your safari adventure would be “animal sighting.” But if there’s one guy who knows how to handle any situation involving wildlife while filming it for social media purposes – then it’s this man.


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