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Andrew Byron Bachelor, famously known as King Bach, is a Canadian-American actor, composer, rapper, and comedian. He has been severely criticized for making inappropriate videos that promote degrading stereotypes about women.


He became a target of cancel culture with some comedic videos advocating forceful intimacy and assault. Many have raised concerns about what impact it would have on young men. Some believe that his content endorsing harassment is outright wrong and needs to be taken down. This is one downside to his fame. 


Bach had a witty reply to all this condemnation, saying that he’s just playing a role like any actor as a criminal or a sex offender in movies. He further describes that acting for a certain negative part is not the same as endorsing it in any way. He seems unaffected by all the negative comments saying that he’ll continue creating whatever he wants and would not stop at any reference to his dark sense of humour. His abrupt fame has made his haters dumbfounded. He is his own person and knows his field better than anyone. In addition to being an iconic star, he is also a philanthropist. He owns a foundation with his sister, Christine, that helps low-income families from Jamaica and America with food and essentials. 


King Bash has acted in several movies and began his singing career with a debut See Me Now. He uploads content on his Youtube channel BachelorsPadTv where all of his music videos can be seen. He has another channel called Bach Vlogs, where he reacts to other videos and does several challenges. His parodies are unmatched in their creativity and distinctiveness. Some of his most-watched parody videos are titled Logan Paul Trailer and Spider-Man Homecoming Parody, which have over 20 million views. His fans long for him to upload a video that is thrilling and funny at the same time. 


King Bach grew in popularity with a video-sharing service, Vine. He was the most followed person on the platform before it became defunct. Having gotten some experience at making videos, he tried his luck at acting in films that he succeeded in. King starred in the series Black Jesus. He came into mainstream popularity for comedic movies like Meet the Blacks, Fifty Shades of black; both released in 2016. Bach has also acted in some famous teen RomCom films like The teen romance films, When we first met, To all the Boys I’ve loved before. 


King Bach was born in June 1988. He studied at Carol Springs Charter School. He pursued his master’s in Business Management at Florida State University. He was among the most popular and talented students in his school. He had been athletic and had a knack for cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. His video on Tik Tok asking people to use a song’s sound to get an opportunity to collaborate with him made the best of them sing in his music. He dated the fellow Viner, Liane Valenzuela, for a while. He is a sports enthusiast with many skills that he assured us of having. He has more than 2 million subscribers on Youtube and about 21 million followers on Instagram.


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