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BTS is a seven-member Kpop band that originated in South Korea. Each member has an essential role within the group during their initial days. Also, in the beginning days of the Bangtan Boys, not much was known about Kim Taehyung’s role in particular. Outside of those who were already fans at that point, most people only knew him as “simply another vocalist” or “that BTS member with an adorable smile.” However, it turned out he didn’t have an especially prominent presence in his group early on either because no one even noticed he existed. 


Moreover, Kim Taehyung, the hidden member of BTS and known by his fans as ‘the 4D member’, is also called a weird one. As a member of the popular BTS band, Kim has been through his fair share of discrimination and bullying. However, he managed to rise above it all with an unending amount of positivity in himself and others. All thanks to their support system within the band that boosted him throughout these trying times.


However, Taehyung, also known as V in the BTS band, has moved from a hidden member to one of the most sought-after starlets. In 2018 he was named Most Handsome Face in the World and is now famous for his visuals combined with talent and unique personality. As popularity continues to grow, it seems that we will only see more of this talented star


Kim or V is one of the four vocalists in BTS, along with RM, Jin, and Jungkook. His deep voice adds a subtle, soulful touch to all their songs. He complements most of the other members’ high notes by singing darker-than-chocolate drift tones that add an extra element to their sound as well as enhance each member’s individual talent without overshadowing them entirely. 


In addition, Kim is also a solo artist who has produced three self-produced songs, Scenery, Winter Bear, and Sweet Night. Besides, he also made his acting debut in 2016 with the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Taehyung is talented, successful and shows excellent potential for a bright future. Being a singer in one of South Korea’s most popular bands at such a young age. His popularity also makes him well-known worldwide as one of Kpop’s best artists to date.


Taehyung had no plans to become an idol himself initially went to Big Hit Entertainment’s audition just for support. While walking around outside of their academy building, he was spotted by one of the staff members at Rookie Development Group and asked if he would consider going through with it. Kim asked his parents first and got approval before proceeding with the audition, which turned out incredibly well; this is how we know Taehyung today. 


In November 2016, V invented the expression I purple you” during BTS’ fan meeting. Since then, it has become a representative of the group and its fans. UNICEF also used this slogan for its anti-bullying campaign with BTS. 


Kim Tae-Hyung, renowned by V’s stage name, was born on December 30, 1995, in the Seo District of Daegu, South Korea. He grew up in Geochang County and is the eldest of three children with a younger brother and sister. V first had dreams to be a professional singer while he was still young when his father supported him in taking saxophone lessons to pursue that career path from elementary school onward. 


His boyish charm and powerful vocals have made him an international sensation with over five million fans on Twitter in 2017 alone. He has created the hit singles “2 Cool 4 Skool” and “Boy in Luv,” both of which are responsible for making BTS into such massive stars within their native country and internationally today. Most of BTS’s followers are female who especially appreciates Kim Taehyung’s cutesy looks and charming character. 


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