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Kelly Morita is known and famous for being a social media personality who is generally embracing the imperfect, who shares her lifestyle even if there is nothing perfect or special in it and enjoys her life. 


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In 2015 Kelly Morita  started a YouTube channel in Japan on travel/lifestyle/mindset and it took off. It was a journey to be vulnerable online but it made her even stronger, passionate, and the confidence flew through the roof because Kelly stepped out of her comfort zone.


Kelly Morita eventually became a full time influencer and made her income completely on YouTube and other platforms, worked as a marketer and as a teacher there in Tokyo, and then decided to start a business of her own, guiding others in content marketing, building confidence online, launching their personal brands, starting their own online business, and utilizing the concept of Ikigai and power of social media.

Kelly Morita said that she thinks that Japan has been a huge part of her spiritual journey and her quest to understand purpose in life.By the words of Kelly It is often misconstrued online and so she has a mission to not only amplify the clients businesses but their lives too, achieving fulfillment, freedom, and balance. Because the influencer  grew a strong, solid audience, the personal brand of hers and business took off and Kelly went full time quickly.


Kelly decided to quit YouTube and Influencing all together to become, mainly a social media and business mentor infusing that humaness into her client’s brands while helping them build confidence and passion to show up online to create epic content and build their own community the same way as she was able to.


Kelly Morita infuses Japanese philosophy into her mindset and also into her marketing methods, utilizing Ikigai, Wabi Sabi, Naikan, and more to help balance both life, your side hustle, or full time career.


As soon as she  launched her first program, Kelly Morita reached five figures in less than three months without having a legit launch plan, running ads, and doing any forced communication.

The clients lead from impact and purpose so that they do not feel like they are forced to make that next sale or grow their following. The YouTuber wants to make business and social media fun, turning it into art.


Kelly once mentioned that in her opinion there is so much roboticus in this space and in the mission to eliminate that, putting the social back in social media. Video, content, influence through content, storytelling, community building, and long term sustainability and planning are her expertise. She would love to be someone’s partner in crime so they can be able to take the business, social platforms, or services to a new level that aligns and feels good for them.

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