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Jade Scott is the Mom of daughter Andie Rose and son Lincoln Benjamin. They also have a cute little doggy named Oliver. On her feed, you’ll find many pictures and videos of her kids in bright and matching outfits. Jade Scott also loves to share her fashion choices, workout videos, homemade recipes, and makeup tutorials.

The Mom blogger is married to Matt Scott. While she is a full-time influencer and Instagram persona, her husband is a real estate development attorney. Just like for most influencers, this career path started out as a hobby for Jade. Social media was merely a platform for her to share her fashion choices and cute outfits she would put together mentioning helpful shopping tips. Over time something that she enjoyed doing, due to her following, became a promising career that she decided would benefit from her running a blog where she would be able to share even more content. That’s how the idea for A Spoonful of Style was born. Once the kids were born, the content focus shifted a little from fashion blogging more into lifestyle blogging. Gradually Jade also unleashed her passion for interior design and became an expert on the subject as many like to say. When they moved into their new house, dealing with all sorts of home decor and remodeling were some of her most favorite parts. She did a lot of DIY projects and challenged herself creatively.

Jade Scott has many different partnerships with a number of brands and does a variety of collaborations, promotions and giveaways. Jade seems to be all about branding herself far more than being a Mom and sharing her genuine family experiences. Everything seems to have undergone the typical Mom influencer cookie cutter. It was disappointing to see that her blog isn’t even working properly considering how much she seems to care about her image. The “About” page apparently does not exist even though there’s clearly a section of it in the blog. None of the uploaded videos are available. Nicely put, this is a disaster.

Most of the time when scrolling her feed, our Instagram Mom doesn’t even come across as a Mom influencer. Jade Scott gives off the vibe of a typical influencer and Instagram persona overall. Her social media looks and feels like one of those bright colored cakes with perfect icing and detailed designs – so perfect that it even comes across as fake, almost toy-looking. And like you wanna try it but then you remember all the cookies and cakes similar to this that you tried and ended up regretting because they did not taste good at all. At most, you just ate the biscuit part but got rid of all the decorative non-delicious parts. You with me? That’s what her online presence feels like. No offense gurl.

Honestly, if you don’t follow her you won’t miss much because Jade lacks genuinity and authenticity. She just does not seem that interesting. But there are various people who find her fashion choices inspiring and absolutely amazing. Others call her an interior design expert – so maybe you just gotta check her out and judge for yourself.

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