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Jon Rettinger, the founder of TechnoBuffalo, created this channel as a forum for all things electronic. Every month millions of people wait for his opinion on different tech products, smartphones, laptops, cameras, robots, their new features and VS videos.


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Jon Rettinger got into YouTube because he legitimately loves technology. He actually admits to being the kinda guy, who would go to Best Buy and walk around in order to merely relax after a stressful day. And that would truly help him. The tech enthusiast had tested thousands of tech products and he wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others.

The top tech YouTuber has been pretty open and vocal about his anxiety battles that were causing his insomnia. He’s been struggling with this for almost a decade. Jon talks about a variety of tech products that he uses to overcome his issues and deal with them the best he can. For example, he got the Oura Ring to keep track of the quality and type of sleep he’s getting so he’ll be more mindful about what he should be doing. And another product that he uses to increase his quality of sleep and consequently his quality of life, is the set of Bose Sleep Buds II, which are essentially whitenoise machines that go into your ear without causing any feelings of discomfort. The YouTube tech reviewer shares his insight on all kinds of cool innovative products. One he was particularly excited about owning himself was the Square Off’s magnetic chess board that actually allows you to play online but have the chess pieces move as if you’re playing in person. Did you also think back to Harry and Ron playing magic chess when Hermione comes and yells at them for not being productive with their efforts of finding the information they need? Cause I did. And if you did not understand this reference or have no clue what you just read… Well, I have nothing to tell you. Just keep on reading. is a tech review site founded by Rettinger, who has since shifted his focus from the website to creating videos. The tech YouTuber has over a decade of experience sharing his passion for tech with numerous viewers all around the world. He treats his channel like an open forum and encourages his subscribers to be as open and vocal as he is. Jon is both the founder and the host of his self-named YouTube channel. But he has a great team that helps make it all work: a producer, a creative director and a video director. Other than his YouTube career, Jon Rettinger is also a commentator on Fox Business as well as CNBC. The tech guru is also a contributing writer to Wireless Week

If you’re not really into tech and don’t know much about it but would like to be enlightened in a very casual and accessible manner, Jon Rettinger is your man. And if you are a tech enthusiast, well then you’re just gonna have pleasure watching him talk about tech. Either way, follow him – you won’t regret it. Check out his website

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