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Jessie Chanes is a blogger and social media sensation best known as the mind behind  the Seams for a Desire fashion and lifestyle blog. She also has an accompanying YouTube channel where she posts beauty tutorials and recipes. 


Jessie was born on January 7, 1989 in Spain. Her zodiac sign is capricorn, people with this sign are generally ambitious, hardworking and enterprising, especially women who’s horoscope sign is capricorn are known to be a total powerhouse. They are very sensitive and incredibly emotional, though they will not often show it. Jessie studied in the University of Malaga and has a bachelor degree in psychology. 


Everything started when Jessie’s boyfriend suggested her to become a blogger in 2011, since then she started doing research, reading and spending so much time on style blogs. At first she was blogging just for fun, it was just a hobby but eventually it became her full time job.

Her blog is called “Semms for a desire” . Jessie has a website for her blog. There people can find different things according to fashion, care and style. For instance, there is a very interesting article about Jessie’s 5 favorite hair care styles, how to style fairytale dresses with sporty sneakers. There is a special section related to maternity as Jessie was pregnant, she decided to share about her experience. If you are a home decor lover, there is a place for you too, where you can see interesting solutions and a variety of ideas on how to decorate for different holidays.


“ Seems for a desire” also has a YouTube channel with about 2.69K subscribers. The first video on YouTube was on March 30, 2014 with a caption “On the go”. However, the last video on this YouTube channel was uploaded about three years ago, and now Jesie is not active on this platform. In all there are nine videos uploaded from 2014 to 2018. 


Jessie Chanes has an Instagram account jessiekass with over 327K followers. On this platform Jessoe talks about beauty, fashion, food and of course her lifestyle. Chanes posts very often. Her outfits and looks are just a great source of styling, there are lots of people who do not know how to be stylish or how to look very fashionable. Here you go, Jessie gives you all the opportunity to see and recreate the looks and even add your own detail to the outfit. Jessie has quite many IGTVs related to different topics like everyday make-up, toasts for christmas or adventures with her lover. There are also a lot of reels on her page, they are generally related to outfits and style. Chanes is a highlight lover. In the highlights there are memories from different countries, makeup tips and lots of  recipes and food ideas. 


Chanes is married to Salva de Oña. Salva has an Instagram account  salvaona. Salva is not active on this platform. Generally, his posts include family pictures, pictures with children or just pictures of her wife Jessie. Jessie and Salva have two incredible children, Olivia and Nico.


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