Jeremy Jacobowitz was born in Brooklyn. He grew up in Westchester and after some period of time he moved to New York City, and still has not left. The neighborhood where Jeremy lives is called Williamsburg. Spending the greatest part of his life in New York City he does not have an all-time favorite spot.  Jacobowitz loves to walk around everywhere. Once he mentioned that the best historical or iconic New York City landmark to explore and see is Central Park. 


Fun Fact about Jeremy: Jacobowitz adores eating sushi. Mostly he orders sushi and his favorite place for sushi orders is Fushimi.


Brunch Boys is the perfect Instagram for anyone looking to post their meals while traveling New York City. Whether you’re in search of a Michelin star or just some eggs benny, Brunch Boys has got it all! A lot has changed since 2014 when Jeremy Jacobowitz first started his blog with one simple photo which was about eating lunch outside during nice weather; by now he’s created an online resume as robust and popular among locals alike thanks primarily from posting picturesque food pics taken right around NYC neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, where people go out at night clubs before closing time drinking cocktails sans calories because they know firsthand how awesome this city really. At that time, he was working in television production for Food Network and Cooking Channel, but after gaining more than 450K followers on the Instagram account, that small side project became his full-time job. Jacob Jacobowitz creates branded content and ads for sponsors, holds events like Puppy Brunch in order to benefit Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, and he has also appeared on “Beat Bobby Flay” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.  Jeremy has also moved in front of the camera for many times, hosting not only for Brunch Boys but also for outlets like Thrillist and Seamless / GrubHub, along with other TV and online projects in the works. 


Brunch Boys is a new media company that specializes in everything brunch with over 470K followers across all their platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Which means food, lifestyle, travel, events and more. They share original videos, photography and blog posts about the lifestyle of eating an awesomely delicious meal for breakfast or lunch! Brunch means different things to everyone but one thing’s certain; it should be enjoyed at least twice per week with your closest friends & family members by your side every time because this dish has been proven not only tasty but healthy too! 


Jeremy Jacobowitz has his own Instagram account jeremyjacobowitz with over 436K followers. On this platform Jeremy shares everything about his food adventures all over the world, plus anything else on his mind.  In the section of highlights there are also many interesting stories from Detroit , Tokyo, Osaka and many others.


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