Jen Selter

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Jen Selter, the social media innovator known for mainstreaming fitness influencers, started her journey in high school while working at a local gym. Overwhelmed by post-graduation plans and personal challenges, Jen used fitness as an outlet to relieve stress. Surrounded by seasoned gym-goers, Jen felt she needed some motivation from others who had already succeeded, so she decided to start building up followers on Instagram for supportive, like-minded individuals. It was nothing but empowering!


Jen Selter’s story of beginner beginnings is what makes this article so relatable. When you’re feeling down about yourself, there isn’t anything more empowering than surrounding yourself with people that will motivate you through their own success stories. It is the people’s support that will give you another boost to keep going to your goals. 


Jen does not only practice fitness but also decorates it. She is a creative director at ION Collection, an athletic jewellery brand.


Jen Selter is the face of many brands and has millions of followers on Instagram. She’s a fitness lover herself, so she made her own company called BlendJet to make healthy protein shakes for all those who share her love for staying fit. The brand JenstaBar makes sugar-free bars that are perfect if you’re trying to maintain your weight or just want something healthier than regular candy! And don’t forget Couple Goals, which distributes both delicious energy chews as well as protein bar mixes in flavours like chocolate chip cookie dough!


Jen is a personal trainer to over 391K Instagram followers of her Fitplan page. She posts workout pictures and videos on her Insta page, which has amassed more than 1 million downloads so far.


Setler also has a private Facebook group where she responds to her fans and motivates them. 


Jen also earns money from brand endorsing, Instagram and her brands. With a net worth of $6 million and endorsements with Nike & Lululemon, to name just two – it’s no wonder Selter is considered one of the most successful fitness influencers in this generation!

Jen grew up with her sister Stephanie. Since childhood, she has not seen her father. It was only her mom, Jill. Later on, she got a stepbrother from his stepfather Rob.


Rumours have been swirling for some time now that Jen and Kristaps Porzingis are dating. One source close to the couple said, “Kristaps is completely in love with her.”


Jen Selter was spotted out on a date at an upscale restaurant, but there were no photos uploaded of them together, so it’s unclear if they are actually still seeing each other or not.

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