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You know sometimes you just get some influencers that may not be too relatable to you per say, but you just can see, feel and even smell their genuinity. It feels like only yesterday you guys were hanging out at your place being silly together and today she’s a media persona – a Mom Influencer, but she’ll still come over later tonight. You got the kinda friend vibe I’m talking about? Well that’s what Jenna Kutcher portrays simply from her Insta feed.


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The Instgram Mom is all about empowering women anyway she can and doing her best to inspire women to lift up each other because that truly is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in this world.

Jenna Kutcher is the Mom of an adorable baby girl Coco. As a Mom influencer, she empowers women, shares topics about confidence, and loving yourself the way you are. Posts about her baby girl are absolutely adorable, follow her now to be a step closer to finding your inner confidence. She’s passionate about digital marketing, education, podcasts, being a Mom and overachieving in everything.

The small town Minnesota girl is obsessed with puppies, yoga pants and mac & cheese. As she likes to say it, she’s been keeping it real since 1988. From a lemonade stand to entrepreneurship. Jenna Kutcher reminisces back to the time when she invested $300 and bought a camera on Craigslist at the age of 22. This was her way out of her corporate job that she did not even like and the beginning of her life journey filled with love, joy and satisfaction. Now she’s built a seven-figure empire. Jenna Kutcher’s exact net worth is unclear but she did share the fact that the range for a single post she experienced was $500-$50000.

Jenna’s goaldigger podcast is a top-rate Forbes podcast hosted by herself. She shares all kinds of tips on how to start and grow your business. She’s essentially a virtual business coach and there’s a platform for anyone to sign up and get one-on-one coaching with Jenna. She’s a proud Mama and a loving partner for her husband Drew. Apparently Jenna Kutcher’s husband can easily be described as the hottest Dad in town.

And when people think of her work as simply a hobby, she has a savage response to that saying that she’s a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. *mic drop* She shares about some of the other titles she’s given and her insight on it. Her all time favorite title is Mama; her husband Drew and her mostly refer to each other as babe and she loves it; she’s Jen only for her closest family and friends; an influencer makes her cringe unless she simply thinks of it as everyone does have an influence; and last but not least – Jenna Kutcher is a role model to so many people out there by just being her authentic genuine self. Her favorite thing to wear other than yoga pants is the smile with her eyes that Tyra taught her about.

Guess what? She literally describes herself as that BFF that brings the snacks. So she would definitely be coming over later tonight. Unfortunately, we ain’t friends… Not yet cause you never know what might happen tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

*a day later…*

I’m back. We never met. But for real though. Keep dreaming big and never give up. That’s what Jenna would say. Follow her to continue being motivated to motivate yourself to be and do better every day as well as nurture self-love.

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