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Jeff Seid is a fitness model and social media celebrity who has thousands of fans across the country for his good looks, sense of humor, personality. He’s also very health conscious because he believes in leading an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits that promote long life spans!


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Jeff Sied embodies what we all want out there: perfect genetics mixed up together to form one handsome package readymade into this world as both inspiration or warning depending on how hard our hearts wish him well.


If you were to ask him, he would say that the love for sports has been there since childhood. It was this strong interest in physical fitness and maintaining an energetic lifestyle that sparked his curiosity with weights at just eleven years old!

The need for power became so overwhelming as a result of wanting everything to be on top form both mentally (mentally)and physically(physically). This led to starting lifting heavyweight from then onwards creating such intense desire within himself – all because someone said “if not now when?”


He’s one of the most successful fitness trainers in America, with over 4 million followers and 100K on Twitter. His Instagram account features posts about his training almost exclusively – what do you think he spends all day doing?


Jeff loved sports at school, playing high school football and also being an All-American wrestler. His sights were set on a scholarship for his favorite sport: Sports! But then things went downhill when he broke his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Surgery didn’t make it any easier – Jeff lost motivation fast; finding himself sinking into depression from which there seemed no chance of escape or revival. However, everything’s changed when Jeff discovered bodybuilding (Men’s Physique).


Looking at Jeff’s workout plan, it’s clear to see that he likes using supersets and a lot of volumes. This type of intense training is great for maximum growth and symmetry! Adding this kind of intensity into your fitness routine can take months before seeing results- but once you adapt with patience any progress will come quicker than ever before.


Jef’s workout routine looks like this:


Monday: Chest/Calves/HIIT

Wednesday: Legs/Calves/Cardio

Thursday: Shoulders/Abs

Friday: Arms/Calves

Saturday/Sunday: OFF


Crowned the youngest IFBB pro champion in history at just 19, Jeff Seid has competed at Mr. Olympia 3 times and is a three-time Olympian with multiple professional wins. He’s trained for over 15 years now which makes him an experienced figurehead of “the aesthetics movement” as well! With 7 million online followers who aspire to live out their vitality through this young fitness inspiration’s life sciences advocacy.


Jeff Seid is single and enjoying it!


The 27-year old YouTube star has done well. Jeff Seid’s net worth is $7 million, which he worked hard for.

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