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This YouTube channel might be your one-stop shop for fun and educational videos on all things tech! Jay has two YouTube channels: JayzTwoCents showcasing his passion for tech, and JayzTwoCars showcasing his passion for cars. Yup. Those are the top tech YouTuber’s main interests in life.

Jay began building and taking computers apart at an early age of 10. He worked as a PC and networking consultant at 16 years old. Today he’s one of the best tech YouTubers with over 3M subscribers. The creator of JayzTwoCents seems like a pretty self-conscious guy, who never fails to bring in humor into his videos to make it all that much more entertaining. He has shared with his audience about his struggles with weight, but he did manage to lose over 200lbs at one point. So, good for you Jay. Way to go.

The real full name of the founder of JayzTwoCents is Jason Langevin. He is married and has two daughters. His family members do appear in some of his videos. The tech YouTuber also posts about his family and shares about how grateful he is to have such a family. He has an Instagram post where he shared a photo of his wife wearing his merch that says ‘comfort tested’ – is this appreciation for his wife’s opinion or merely basic marketing technique? How about both? Unlike the other tech YouTube reviewers, with Jason we actually get to see snippets of his family life – whether it’s him capturing a sweet moment of his girls assembling their toys on Christmas, or him being shocked at the fact that time flies and he cannot believe his teenage daughter isn’t three years old anymore even though it seemed like yesterday. How sweet? You know what else is sweet – the adorable pictures of their gorgeous husky Zuri looking all cozy or hilarious.

Jason Langevin has had a number of collaborations with different influential people and other top tech YouTubers. He has worked with YouTubers like Jerry Berg, the creator of Barnacules Nerdgasm, and Linus Tech Tips in order to organize international giveaways for instance. For other giveaways, Jason collaborates with tech brands like Origin PC and NVIDIA. And in order to get a hold of some of the JayzTwoCents merch, check out his online shop

The YouTube tech reviewer has also collaborated with celebrities in order to build them their custom PCs. One of the celebrities he worked with was Terry Crews. After many months of researching Terry to get to know the guy better and come to an understanding about the kind of style that would best fit his custom built gaming PC for Terry Crews, as well as a whole lot of challenging, interesting and tedious work – it was time for the reveal. This was a challenging journey from start to finish, so Jason Langevin had members of Team Crispy including Jonathan Morrison and Austin Evans help him out. And apparently Morrison fails to catch Terry’s genuine and raw reaction, so Jason flips out. But after making Crews really uncomfortable the guys admit that they got everything and it was merely a prank. Hilarious but also heart sinking. Another celebrity that reached out to the creator of JayzTwoCents because he also wanted to get a sick custom built PC in the theme of his upcoming album was Post Malone.

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