Janene Crossley

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When you’re thinking of that influencer family with the matching clothes, documenting their lives, blogger Mom vibes, everyone always seeming they’re ready for a grand photoshoot – you’re probably have a certain image with a certain vibe in mind. Now that image and vibe right there is exactly what the Crossley family exudes. And we got our influencer Mom Janene Crossley making sure the fam is always Instagram worthy.


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The influencer and Mom blogger has a blog called Not necessarily clear on why Ivory Rose was the name. But it’s beautiful. Anyway. Janene is actually married to her college sweetheart Aaron Crossley. He is an orthodontist and founder of Crossley Orthodontics. The couple is very supportive of one another’s careers.

Aaron and Janine have 4 kids together – a 7 year old girl, 5 year old twins (a boy and a girl), and an adorable baby girl. Janene says she created Ivory Rose and treated it basically like a digital journal where she shared her thoughts, ideas and daily life experiences. Janene jots down her motherhood journey, both the most beautiful and challenging parts.

Janene’s family loves to share everything. They usually cook, party and travel together. If you want to be a part of their amazing journey, this is the right time to follow her on Instagram and stay tuned to her Mom blog.

The Mom influencer talks about her passions that are fashion, interior decor, fitness and nutrition. As a fitness group instructor she does her best to inspire people daily in order for them to be able to lead healthy and active lifestyles – whether it’s via nutrition, fitness or simply mindset. She loves sharing her knowledge in regards to those topics so she thought she would create a platform for it and continue doing that on a larger scale.

Janene’s got a 633K following on Instagram. The squad is all together almost in every photo wearing gorgeous and cute matching outfits looking picture perfect. Even too picture perfect to a point that it all actually looks fake. Not that other influencers don’t stage their captured-the-perfect-random-moment photos but there’s a certain level of doing so but still not looking like an ad or a Christmas card 24/7. If that’s what the Mom blogger is going for then good for her because it’s clearly working; however, if we could make a suggestion to Janene, we would be like: We love you gurl, but tone it down just a tad. Because perfection should not be the goal. 

And according to her social media that’s what it currently seems to be – getting it right. The goal is supposed to be being relatable and helpful/inspiring one way or another by somehow sharing their experience. But hey Janene Crossley might be one the most authentic Mom influencers out there – it’s just that she has a certain way of doing things and so her trying hard might make it seem like it’s affecting the authenticity. Who knows what the case is? What we do know is that she’s gotta be doing something right cause it’s working and those 633K followers keep coming back.

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