James Murphy is an entrepreneur, who has an extensive background in leadership and public speaking, having spoken on platforms and stages to 10’s of thousands of people across the world in multiple continents. James Murphy studied in the faculty of English language and literature at Beauchamp College, Oadby from 2003 until 2006. As for now, James Murphys’ growing business empire provides a unique service. He helps people to grow high cashflow property businesses without owning any land or properties, and James does it by providing STR and SA entrepreneurs with funding for their growth instead. 


In October 2017, James Murphy worked as chief executive officer at Legacy property ventures until November 2020. For 8 years now, James Murphy has been involved in property investing and he has built a multi million pound property portfolio. Over the past 3 years his property businesses, Opulent Global Group, have skyrocketed with growth. With several hundred income generating properties in his portfolio, James Murphy has built a business of over 100 in house staff and over £600 thousand a month in revenue. 


In August 2018, James and Stephanie Murphy, his wife, noticed a void in the market of high quality serviced accommodation outside of London. Opulent Living was created to fill this void.  


James and Stephanie Murphy spent six months researching and planning their business before securing their first property in Sheffield City Centre back in February 2019. Later in April 2019, they bought their first property in Cambridge. The company evolved, specializing in property management for investors and landlords, launching Opulent Living Management the following month. Opulent Living secured its first serviced accommodation property in Birmingham in June 2019, making it the company’s third city.  


Opulent Living secured a whole block of 11 apartments in Sheffield and established its first key developer relationship soon after establishing itself in Birmingham. Opulent Living secured 26 serviced apartments in a new high rise tower in Manchester in August.  


Starting from September 2019 to January 2020, Opulent Living’s portfolio grew to 100 properties and staff grew to over 10.  With two more key developer partnerships, Opulent Living has to have two more multi apartment locations in Sheffield by February 2020. Despite the global Covid 19 pandemic, Opulent Living thrived by strengthening its business foundations, developing systems and scaling. Working with Northern Power, Amazon and DHL to host large corporate and contractor teams. The company’s growth trajectory continued into 2021 with a portfolio of 200 apartments and a team of more than 65 employees. The company is now considered to be the UK’s fastest growing and leading short term accommodation provider. OPulent Living is launching multi million pound developments in strategic locations across the UK, demonstrating the model’s scalability.


James Murphy is showing a certain level of activity on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. The biggest number of followers is the Instagram account of James Murphy. On this platform he has more than 20K followers, and his account is jameszmurphy. To his Instagram James shares different quotes, inspiring videos, his photos, photos with his wonderful wife and writes lots of thankful words dedicated to her. James also has a Twitter account. To Twitter he first joined back in September 2021, and as for now he has about 200 followers. The LinkedIn account of James Murphy is James Murphy. Here, he has more than 2K followers and over 500 connections. As for the Facebook account, James’s account has quite a lot of followers, they exceed 6K. The account is James Murphy.

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