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When going into the store to buy makeup products, most of you have probably noticed how all advertisements feature exclusively female models. You might think that it’s normal since makeup is just for girls and women, right? But have you ever thought about why we have this predisposition? Let’s be honest there is no real reason for leaving out roughly half of the population from the equation. All of us have skin, and gender doesn’t change the fact that you might have insecurities you want to hide; you might want to experiment with makeup or express yourself artistically. There are several possible scenarios, and none of them are restricted to women only. 


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If you are a guy who is interested in trying out makeup but can’t find a reference point, then you might want to check out James Charles. He is one of the biggest male beauty influencers on the internet. He played a significant role in breaking down many stereotypes and showing the world that makeup can be fun for anyone. He started his YouTube channel back in 2015, where he was posting makeup tutorials. It didn’t take him long to gain recognition for his talent and gather a vast audience. Very quickly, he rose to fame on all of his platforms. 


You can’t search for makeup tutorials without coming across some of his videos. Are you new to makeup and looking for some tips and tricks? Then James Charles has got you covered. Do you want to see and try more colorful and extravagant looks? Again, feel free to explore his channel, which is packed with all types of creative content. 


In 2016 he worked with Katt Perry and became the first male representative for the CoverGirl makeup brand when he was just 17 years old. In 2018 he created his own makeup collection in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics. And like many other famous influencers, he also started his clothing line which is called Sisters Apparel.


Nowadays, he has more than 25 million subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram. Moreover, his TikTok account has even gained 36 million followers. All of these have earned him a top place in the beauty industry which allowed him to have countless collaborations with other influencers and celebrities. Some of the more prominent names include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lil Nas X, Kesha, Doja Cat, JoJo Siwa, Charli D’Amelio, and many more. 


His younger brother is Ian Jeffrey, who is an Instagram star with around 1.5 million followers. Ian was also featured in some of James Charle’s videos. His mother’s name is Christie Dickinson, but his father’s name is currently unknown. 


Considering his young age, it is not surprising that James is not married and doesn’t have any children. As of now, he is also not in any relationship. 


A fun fact about James Charles you might be surprised to hear is that he is also into gaming and plays games such as Minecraft, Among Us, Mario Karts, etc. He participated in a Minecraft competition called “Minecraft Monday,” where he collaborated with some creators outside of the beauty industry. Some of them were PewDiePie, Technoblade, etc.

While makeup tutorials are how he started and the main focus of his channel, he is also involved in various other types of content and has collaborated with numerous creators and celebrities.

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