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Jade Roper is the Mom of Emmy, Brooks, and baby Reed. Jade Roper shares beautiful moments of her kids on her feed and motivates other Moms to be better. You’ll find many posts of their family playing different characters for entertainment.


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Jade Roper Tolbert is married to Tanner Tolbert. Don’t these names sound familiar to you? Well if you’re a big sucker for TV shows and drama then these names should mean something to you. That’s right. Our Instagram Mom and her hubby are not only beautiful couple and loving parents, but they are also reality TV stars. They starred in season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, hit it off, and left the island happily engaged. The couple got married in 2016 and now has three adorable kids. Jade Roper and Tanner are considered to be one of the most successful couples that came out of the Bachelor world.

Jade is currently co-hosting the podcast Mommies Tell All and she discusses motherhood as well as everything that comes with it very freely. She opened up her postpartum depression, the hormones dive and the transformational period that Moms go through that is not discussed and shared about enough – but it most definitely should. As an Influencer Mom that’s one of her main purposes – to be able to encourage and support Moms all over the world whether it’s emotionally, spiritually or mentally. She shares her own experiences in hopes of being that public persona and support system for Mamas out there who are in need of that. Jade Roper talks about how crucial it is for Moms to remember to take care of themselves as well instead of shifting all the focus on the baby once she/he is born and making themselves a secondary worry – something that stays in the background. Moms deserve far more than that.

The Instagram Mom is also running a YouTube channel with her husband called Jade & Tanner Tolbert. They share their journey of life experiences, travels, big announcements and house remodelings on there. The couple collaborates with different brands, for example, Realm Design Co and Apt2B for their home office remodel. It looked absolutely gorgeous and cozy.

The overall vibe from Jade’s social media is fun, encouraging, real, supportive and honest. The key topics that dominate her content are family, love, female empowerment, Mom support, lots of smiles but also occasional bad days. She tries not to miss any important moments and celebrates every part of their cuties’ lives that put such a big smile on Mama’s face. On those low days, Jade makes a decision to still post and share and open-up about what she’s going through. Sometimes it’s things like sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and lack of desire to Mom on that day cause she’s feeling too emotionally low. Our influencer Mom wants to contribute to the normalization of the bad days, the lows, and any negativity that Moms have in them from time to time. At the end of the day, we gotta remember that Moms are only human.

It’s exciting and fun just to follow along with their family adventures. To get more creative tips on spending time with kids, follow one of the most popular Mom bloggers.

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