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Jack Harries is a famous YouTube Star. Jack was born on May 13, 1993 in The United Kingdom

Jackson Frayn “Jack” Harries has an identical twin brother Finnegan Charles Frayn “Finn” Harries. They are the sons of Andy Harries, a film and television director and producer, and filmmaker and writer Rebecca Frayn. The playwright and novelist Michael Frayn is their maternal grandfather. Not much is known about the education of Jack and Finn, however they attended The Harrodian School in Barnes, London.


Jack Harris has an Instagram account with over 1M followers. On this platform Harris shares different photos of him, posts about his Interviews that will appear on his YouTube channel later. Jack also talks about common topics like  human rights or how we can prevent demographic  disasters.


Harries has had a YouTube channel since 2011. At first his videos were about helicopters, sharks, poodles or weird skills. Later he posted a video called “a day in Rome”. Usually he was posting some videos with his twin brother Finn. Jack’s most famous YouTube video is called “The Bedroom Ball Pit”. This video has over 4.8M views. As for now, Jack has 3.74M subscribers and his videos are mainly dedicated to climate change. 


Jack and Finn also have a YouTube channel called JacksGap. JacksGap was initially launched in July, 2011 by Jack Harries, during his gap year after he had left the school. The main purpose of the channel was to document Jack’s gap year.After some period of time Finn joined the channel. At that time Jack was studying in Bristol University, in 2013, after the first year he dropped out to focus on YouTube.


JacksGap attracted teenage girls in particular. About 88% subscribers in the demographic.


In 2013, Jack and Finn began to create 15-minute-long videos about their journey in India.


In January, 2015 JacksGap posted a video under the name of “Let’s talk about mental health”. Later it was referenced in an article of The Huffington Post in which he addresses the importance of starting an open conversation about mental health in order to decrease or even reduce the stigma attached to it.   


In April, 2015 JacksGasp posted a video called “What Do You Believe In” which announced Finn Harries moved to New York to study Design and Architecture for about four years at The Parsons Design School.


Later in 2018, the channel was renamed in favour of “Jack Harries”, also the official Twitter account was deleted. In May, the channel uploaded a video called “Jack Harries – The stories we tell”. The video was about depression and mainly about the relationship between social media and the mental health of Jack.


In 2019, Jack Harries took part in a protest at International Petroleum Week, and was arrested.


 Jackson’s heart has a “queen”, her name is Alice Aedy. Alice is a filmmaker and documentary photographer. She is the co-founder of This is an Instagram page with over 200K followers, dedicated to communicating climate. As Alice mentioned under one of her photos of Jack, posted on Instagram, it’s been about 6 months since the couple moved in together.

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