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Jack Dylan Grazer is a phenomenal young actor from America. He has a fair amount of controversies tagged to his name. His Instagram account got hacked, and a video of him smoking weed went viral at the age of 14. This brought a wave of criticism his way for underage smoking. Jack has also been accused of infidelity by Natali Jauregui while he was dating Ellie Hiyar. If this wasn’t enough, he received allegations from a fan page of his ex-girlfriend Cylia Chasman claiming him to have physically abused Chasman. This post was further approved by a like that the young Instagram star gave to the post.


Jack continued his acting career with much zeal and posted an apology video of him saying that smoking is dumb. He mentioned in the video that he gave into peer pressure and didn’t know any better. However, he let his lawyers handle the defamation case raised against him by his ex-girlfriends like a grown adult. There’s no stopping him from being a go-getter despite the personal attacks that he had to endure. Jack is ranked as one of the top 30 stars under 18 years of age by The Hollywood Reporter. His calm demeanor has us believe that he’s far from being the tyrant that he is often portrayed to be. He is a staunch supporter of Stomp Out Bullying; a campaign made to raise awareness about bullying.


His acting ranges from a portrayal of the fictitious character to a teenage boy exploring friendship and love. He has worked as Eddie Kaspbrak in a film based on the Stephen King novel “It.” He wishes to act, direct and write in his future endeavors. Jake has worked as a leading actor in the television series We are who we are and as Joey in the thriller, Don’t tell a soul. He has exceptional talents, which vary from playing the flute to enjoying surfing, boogie boarding, and scriptwriting.


Jake debuted in a small-screen series, The Greatest event in television history, in an episode, Bosom Buddies. He had a career breakthrough in the movie It, written by Stephen King in the novel named the same as the movie. He first took on some guest roles in television shows that he got the learning experience from. He starred in the CBS series, Me, Myself and I and portrayed the role of Freddy Freeman in an action movie, Shazam. He looks forward to a promising future.


Jack Grazer was born in the year 2003 in Los Angeles, California. Son of Angela Lafever & Gavin Grazer, also an actor, his talent was carved into a profession of acting since he was young. He has one younger brother, Bowie Gavin Grazer, and an uncle, Brian Grazer, who is a film producer. His grandfather, Thomas Grazer, was a criminal defense attorney. Jack dated Ellie Hiyar in 2017, with who he broke the relationship shortly after. Jack has more than 300k followers on his YouTube channel. His Instagram is a hit with about 4.4 million followers on the platform.

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