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Joseph Young is an experienced analyst and investor focusing on the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and finance sectors. He has contributed to many publications over the past few years including Forbes where he helped cover cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in-depth for several years before moving onto more general topics such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs seeking funding without sacrificing control of their project or company.


Joseph Young is a journalist for some of the most well-known crypto news outlets in existence like Hacked, CryptoCoinsNews and CoinTelegraph and even Forbes. He’s written articles on how decentralized currency will change our world, and what its future might look like!

“As someone who has worked with leading publications to bring awareness about cryptocurrencies,” said Joseph “It’s exciting when you see people embracing these new ideas.”


He is passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, especially the potential for major digital currencies like Bitcoin to render financial institutions obsolete.


Joseph Young was first introduced to cryptocurrency in 2012. He started reading the works of Nick Szabo and others, who really got him into this space when it became popular again after bitcoin had skyrocketed up its value overnight from less than $1 USD/BTC all the way up around $30! That’s when he made his first investment in crypto.

Joseph Young never imagined that he would be buying and selling bitcoin one day. He began his journey by purchasing $200 worth of the cryptocurrency at around 130 pounds, but was hooked from there on out! As more people were using Joseph as their go-to broker due to how easy it is for them in comparison with other brokers across town or countrywide, this only made sense – no pun intended (of course) – since every client needs someone they can trust right?


After successfully sending payment via an online service that took seconds instead of minutes like most major banks do nowadays; It wasn’t long afterward when he realized just what competition crypto might pose against traditional assets/institutions.


Joseph also has some strong opinions on what he doesn’t like about this space–scammers are at an overwhelming majority for Joseph’s opinion with many being sketchy people seeking only one thing: your money as soon as possible!

He would honestly say that most individuals in cryptocurrency work hard to maintain their integrity; however, there will always be bad actors trying everything they can so it is up to you (the user)anical filter them out before anything happens or else risk losing all funds invested into these coins.

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