Huda Kattan

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You have probably fantasized about taking everything into your hands and achieving your dreams. Risking everything and pushing forward regardless of the circumstances is something most of us have considered or even done at least once in our life. Dreaming about future goals, even when they seem unachievable, is just too soothing. Huda Kattan, a beauty influencer and the creator of the brand Huda Beauty, has transformed fantasy into reality and became one of the most successful women in the beauty industry. 


Huda currently lives in Oklahoma, U.S., and has more than 48 million followers on Instagram. That sounds like a very impressive number, right? She started her career by creating beauty tutorials and eventually founded her own makeup brand. At the very beginning, she started with 6000 dollars which she had to borrow from her sister. Huda Kattan’s first product was false eyelashes, which were released through Sephora. Her brand was very successful. Even Kim Kardashian was wearing her false lashes. Even though she was taking a risk, she managed to become a successful beauty influencer and a billionaire. Her role in the makeup industry is irreplaceable nowadays. But getting to where she is now wasn’t that easy. Huda Kattan had to go through a lot of things before achieving her goals. 


She was born in the U.S, but her parents were originally from Iraq. Her father was a professor, which resulted in their family moving very often from one place to another. That forced Huda to become more adaptable, which probably also helped her in her future career. After studying finance at university, she moved to Dubai to find a job. But after a while, with the support of her family, she came back to the U.S and pursued her passion. Makeup was part of her life since her young teenage years, so her choice wasn’t surprising. Huda studied makeup and started a career in the industry. Often Huda had to prove that makeup is not just a hobby for her, but instead, it’s her business, and it didn’t take long until people realized that. Her efforts and talent opened many doors for her. She was able to work with world-class makeup artists, brands, models, and celebrities.


In 2010 Huda Kattan opened a beauty blog where she shared her knowledge with others. In the beginning, the life of a blogger was difficult both financially and emotionally since she was getting hate comments. But Huda didn’t let that take her down and continued pursuing her goals. It took her around three years until her blog got viral. The success was partly due to the steadily growing popularity of Instagram and her strong engagement with social media. Also, the fact that she was talking about products in which she herself trusted helped her flourish. 

Nowadays, she is the owner of Huda Beauty and has over 200 employees globally. While false eyelashes continue to be one of her most popular products, she also created other successful makeup lines. 

She manages her business with one of her sisters, and the other sister takes care of her social media. Huda Kattan is married to Christopher Goncalo, whom she met in high school. Together, they have a daughter who also has a following on Instagram.

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