Haylie Duff

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That’s right. You’re right. She is related to the well-known American actress Hilary Duff. They’re not simply related – they’re siblings. Haylie is Hilary’s older sister.


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Haylie actually followed in the steps of her younger sister and started out her acting career. But even before that she started her ballet lessons. And due to her dancing skills she landed a role in the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company’s production of “The Nutcracker”. Haylie Duff then moved on to minor TV and film roles. One of her least successful movies was Material Girls, while one of her more successful ones was Napoleon Dynamite. Her vocal skills allowed her to contribute to the soundtracks of movies like Another Cinderella Story and The Lizze McGuire movie.

So after the era of Haylie Duff’s movies, in 2012 – Hilary Duff’s sister started a cooking blog Real GIrl’s Kitchen. Due to the blog’s success, it was not only turned to a cookbook but Real Girl’s Kitchen ended up also being turned into a TV show that was on for two seasons in 2014. 

Haylie’s business ventures do not stop here. She launched Little Moon Society, which was a children’s clothing brand. Haylie Duff’s net worth is far less than that of her younger sister’s. Hilary’s is $25 million as of 2019, while Haylue Duff’s net worth as of 2019 is only $4 million.

Ever since 2012, she was dating her now-husband Matt Roserg. In April of 2014, they had two kids together. Haylie Duff is a Mom of two – daughter Lulu and son Ryan. On her Instagram feed, she features amazing content about her daughters, her family, home recipes, and other stuff about motherhood. 

Haylie Duff’s creative choices in regards to her the content that she shares with her 1M followers is pretty basic. According to what we get to see from her Instagram page, first of all, the photos do not seem like they are taken by a professional photographer. Second of all, they also do not seem super up there with bright colors almost looking fake. The photos and video content is actually pretty ordinary. She does share glimpses of her family life, like what the fam is up to, what adventures the kids got themselves into this time or how their cute doggie is just chilling – but it’s hard to separate Haylie Duff as a Mom influencer or influencer at all because there does not seem to be enough engaging and entertaining content. 

This is where the question arises: do those 1M people follow her just because she is Hilary’s sister or do they actually find the content Haylie shares interesting enough to come back to? What do you think? Check out her Insta and see for yourself. Maybe it’s just her style. Maybe unlike her sister she does not really feel comfortable in the public eye too much and since she does not seem to be an entertainer at heart, her content comes across like this as a result? Is that it?

Oh by the way, is it just me or does Haylie actually look like the love child of Hilary Duff and Sarah Jessica Parker?

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