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If you’re looking for a fitness lover that’s also an entrepreneur, then look no further than DJ and model Hannah Bronfman. Fashionable, socialite Hannah Bronfman has been in the spotlight for all of her accomplishments. Not only is she a DJ and entrepreneur, but she also came up through modeling before turning towards entrepreneurship. Once the daughter of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr., she is now better known as her own person with over seven hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone! Influenced by business success, this young woman founded ‘HBFIT’ – Her Health Beauty & Fitness Blogging website, which provides tips from health experts about living life to the fullest through exercise or nutrition while still maintaining beauty standards. 


Besides her blog, Hannah Bronfman has also found other ways to make life easier for those interested in beauty and fitness. When you need something done quickly, beauty services are the way to go. That’s why Hannah created Beautified together with Annie Evans and Peter Hananel. This mobile app connects customers with last-minute providers in their area so they can have professional makeup applied on any occasion without having to plan ahead or wasting time running errands. Her company now offers these same services across major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco as well! But even though the app was doing great, bringing in a lot of revenue and success, Evan and Hannah decided to start a lawsuit against Hananel because of some management issues.


Hannah Bronfman has been building her career around beauty products from a very early age. She was the first intern for Michael Kors when she started working at just 15 years old! 


She’s made her way across the runway and into our hearts. This girl has skills, working as both a model for DKNY but also with Adidas! This just goes to show how multi-talented this star really is.

She not only possesses an edgy yet sexy sense of style while looking stunningly beautiful on camera or stage. Every inch belongs together when you’re walking down any catwalk wearing hells: perfectly placed makeup, sleek hair tresses flowing gracefully past your shoulders.


With a wedding to Brendan Fallis, Bronfman was featured on the cover of the August-September 2017 issue of Brides magazine.  Hannah Bronfman met her now-husband Brendan Fallis at a nightclub called Le Baron. After a while, the two of them became closer and discovered their shared interest in fitness. That just made their already present connection with one another even deeper. Eventually, the two of them moved together and ended up tying the knot. As a lover of beauty and fashion, it is no surprise that Hannah wore seven different dresses throughout her wedding day.


Hannah Bronfman is the daughter of a famous family – she was born on October 26, 1987, in Manhattan to Edgar Jr. and Sherry Brewer, who both have successful careers as well. Her father served as CEO for Warner Music Group, while her mother acted professionally. Hannah is also the beloved sibling of an entrepreneur and musician who has worked with Kanye West.

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