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From best friends bound by the shared passion for filmmaking and photography to a married couple and parents of two little angels Lucy and Greta. If only all romantic relationships started out as friendships… The world would have less problems. It may seem like it is not as significant in the world-scale. But take a second and think about it. It sure is.


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Hailey Devine, being an influencer Mom, not only shares her positive vibes via her Instagram page of 269K followers but also has a blog Somewhere Devine and a YouTube channel Brad & Hailey Devine with her husband Brad.

The origins of the couple’s love story actually goes all the way back to when Hailey was only 15. In the mind of the half-Norwegian teenage girl, Brad was this cute British boy that she never thought she would end up dating… let alone marrying and having kids with. So they knew of each other but they did not really know know one another. They would literally be dating each others’ friends. But over time their passion of photography and filmmaking, and as a consequence – similar interests – resulted in them becoming really close friends. According to Hailey, another important factor in their growing friendship was their love for talking. 

Things took a different turn – and we can all agree that it was for the better – when Brad decided to go in for a kiss, which was only welcomed and very well-received by Hailey. As they say, the rest was history. Best friends fell in love. Common. Does it get better than that? 

After surviving a 2-year long distance relationship, due to Brad’s LDS mission in Chile, he was finally back. And the Instagram Mom says, it was the best day of her life. Even up until now.

These lovebirds had a spot at the Great Salt Lake where they would go often before Brad’s mission, so when Hailey would feel lonely, she would go chill there. There was an old sailor with a camper, who Hailey sorta became friends with and decided to plan a photo-date on that camper once Brad’s back. Little did she know that the date would turn into a very sweet proposal. Instead of the ordinary ring box, Brad used Hailey’s grandpa’s vintage camera. The ring was hooked to one of the little gears in the back of the camera. How thoughtful and special?

The beginnings of Hailey’s journey to becoming an Instagram Mom and an influencer Mom were marked by the now engaged couple deciding to become an internationally traveling video production team. Shortly after, they had their firstborn Lucy and then not long after Greta. And that’s how the Devines as we know them today came to be. Plus, recently Brad and Hailey Devine welcomed yet another beautiful baby girl Pippa into their team of adventurous travelers and videographers. 

The perfect description of Hailey as an Instagram Mom and an influencer is literally her Instagram description, which reads: “Making videos since I left the womb.” It pretty much sums up Hailey’s style of sharing content. Both her social media and their YouTube channel scenes seem like they’re all taken out of a family album. The positive vibes and the fun-loving nature of both the parents and the kids in the family seep out of their professional and colorful documentations of them living their lives. 

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