Hailey Eylül Sani

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Hailey is a YouTuber with almost 1.4 million subscribers and a student at the University of California Santa Barbara. Being a YouTuber is already a full-time job, but luckily for her fans, she has found the balance between studying and working. 


Hailey immigrated to the USA from Turkey. She was only 15-16 when she moved there. She says that being in high school was already a struggle, but also having to deal with cultural shock was a disaster. Her parents were very conservative and were not like other families. Besides that, in school, she dealt with islamophobia. Most of the people in her high school were Jewish. Sani says that neither her parents nor she are religious, and have never been. As they were from Turkey, where approximately 98% of the population is Muslim, people just had a stereotypical approach to her religion and that caused some problems.


She’s had her YouTube channel since she was 12 and now she posts outfit hauls, gives advice to younger girls, talks about taboo things, and also posts vlogs that show her daily life. Hailey encourages girls to be comfortable in their own skin, embrace their true self and not be afraid to chase their dreams. She wasn’t always confident and went through a tough journey. So when she gives advice, she speaks from her experience. Exactly the type of content we need.

She has also discovered she likes acting when she was selected for a TV series called “Stuck”. After being on set for the first time, she became interested in this sphere and said that acting was fun for her.


Fun Facts

  • Her birth name is Eylül. When she moved to the US people couldn’t pronounce her name properly, which resulted in one of her friends accidentally calling her “Hailey”. She took the name and since then has become Hailey.
  • Her birth sign is Libra. Libras are known for being beautiful, well-balanced, and generous. 
  • Hailey is in a relationship with Tom Vermolen. He has been featured in many of her videos.
  • In October 2020 her Net Worth was estimated at around $350K.


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