Gone to the Snow Dogs

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If you want to find out about the best animal influencers, look no further than this crew of huskies. Gone to the Snow Dogs have taken over a massive share of the animal influencer market with their adorable content. Jessica Hatch and her husband Jamie have a small army of huskies on their side and just know how to take control with those fluffy friends! The group of friendly and funny dogs is always on its feet, providing fans with endless entertainment!


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The pack of adorable, furry huskies on social media has a lot to offer.  These high-energy canines will keep you entertained from morning until night. They’re social media celebrities, and you can follow their adventures from YouTube videos and Facebook posts all the way through Instagram stories! If you’re looking for an exciting time with your favorite dog breed, then Gone To The Snow Dogs is where it’s at! Join their pack and follow these beautiful huskies through their daily lives.


As a lover of animals and content creation, it was inevitable that Jessica and Jamie would create an online presence for their huskies. The YouTube channel called Gone To The Snow Dogs, which they started on November 29th, 2009, quickly became one with many loyal subscribers who were drawn into its warmth. The two uploaded videos of their huskies on this platform to show the world how much fun these animals are! If you’re looking for a channel dedicated to all things husky, DIY dog treats and unboxings are just the tickets. There’s also plenty of camping and adventure information if that’s your cup o’ tea!


Nowadays, the channel has over 1.6 million subscribers and a vlogger as well! The husband and wife duo, together with their dogs, also have different channels for reviewing toys or playing games which is just another way that they keep their viewers interested in all sorts of things.


The Gone To The Snow Dogs channel posts fun videos of the huskies having fun while spending their time with Jessica and Jamie. They also post helpful how-to’s to teach you the best way of caring for your pup!


The stars of this channel are three beautiful Siberian Huskies: Shiloh, Oakley, Memphis. Shelby is the life of any party! She’s always up for an adventure, and her infectious laughter will fill your home with joy. You can’t help but be drawn into this little ball of energy as she bounces around. 


Jessica and Jamie got Oakley in February of 2012, and they knew she would be a great addition to their pack. They were thrilled when Shiloh welcomed her with open arms!  And it’s been a great relationship ever since!


Memphis is the newest member of Their family! She comes from a long line of champion show dogs, and we’re excited to see what she can do with all that energy in her.


Little Shiloh was an extraordinary little girl. She will always be the first Siberian Husky of Gone to the Snow Dogs, but she passed away on January 17th, 2013. However, her spirit and memories still live on with the rest of her family and the dedicated fans.

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