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A dog is the absolute best thing to watch on your phone when you’re feeling down. Why? Well, for starters, they can make anyone smile with their silly antics and goofy personalities! Although these cute animals can’t fix any problems physically–they’ll still make all those worries disappear instantaneously. It’s no secret that we all need some levity in our lives now and then. So when you’re having a stressful day at work, nothing can turn that frown upside down, like pulling up Instagram and finding funny dog videos all over your newsfeed.


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Funny pet videos will always brighten your day and put a smile on anyone’s face. The best part about them? They’re free! So if you need something to do or just want some laughs for once – head over to Instagram today because they got millions of dog-related posts ready right now that are sure not going to leave you disappointed. Nothing can make a bad day better than scrolling through your newsfeed and discovering hilarious videos of dogs doing tricks. It’s cheaper than therapy, healthier compared to stress eating—so what are you waiting for?


Finley is one of those awesome Instagram doggos. He is a Golden Retriever, and he can’t get enough of the camera. He will do anything to make sure his owner captures every moment with him on film, whether it’s getting all showered up or just chilling in bed—you’re going to see so many hilarious dog pictures! And if you love seeing adorable animals get all dressed up, then you’re going to love Finley’s feed. He knows how to get more than just a few likes on Instagram – he is the king of getting thousands! This doggo will show you what it means to be happy.


The cute little pup will steal your heart with his adorable laughter and soft brown eyes. He can easily brighten any room with just a smile. Finley has over 193 thousand followers on his account, and once you see him, it’s easy to understand why. His wacky personality is what attracts all the attention, as well as those adorable ears that will make your heart melt! His videos and pictures are always so silly and cute that you can’t help but smile while watching. This furry Instagram influencer has got it all–and lucky for us, he’s willing to share some of his adorable antics with the world!


This golden retriever is a true gem. But don’t be fooled by this charming pup’s mellow demeanor because one thing you can guarantee about Finley is he’ll always find time for adventure! He loves traveling with his Mom and Dad, and he also has a heart of gold. You can see it in all the videos on his Instagram account, where you’ll find plenty about Finley’s family life as well!


This charming golden boy is a constant source of entertainment. He’s addicted to stealing socks and loves to share with us all those secrets to getting that perfect look of his.


Finley will make you realize that the world is not such a bad place after all. Every photo of this doggo will be more hilarious than the last! So, if you want to see some cute pet videos and pictures- head over to his account now – because it’s about time for some happiness today!

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