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Learning to garden can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible with the right tools. If you are struggling and don’t know how something should work in your yard, then you might be interested in looking up gardening tutorials on the internet! There will always be experienced gardeners online who offer their insight on various topics, from planting seeds all the way through harvesting fruits or vegetables at home using simple techniques anyone could master if they have enough patience. And if you don’t know where to start then, Laura LeBoutillier is undoubtedly one of those gardening experts whose tutorials you have to check out.


You’ve got questions about flower care, and Laura is the expert who can help you find answers. Find out her top tips for planting flowers, as well as other great advice on how to take good care of different types of plants!


For the last seven years, Laura LeBoutillier and her husband Aaron have been making videos that are mainly taking place in their backyard. She posts the videos on their YouTube channel called Garden Answer to help people with all sorts of gardening questions they might have – like what kind of plant is best for my patio or how often should I water new seedlings? 


When the husband-and-wife duo behind Garden Answer started working on their YouTube channel, Garden Answer was just a side project they could do together for fun during the weekends. But it didn’t take long before people were asking when new videos would be uploaded, turning it into their full-time job.


When Lauren and Aaron started making videos, her first instinct was to be uncomfortable in this new environment. She had always preferred working with plants but felt a little bit awkward in front of the camera! However, things got better over time as this project combined both of their passions; Laura, an expert gardener, and Aaron, who loves making videos.

The two of them have been able to work side by side, capturing beautiful footage for anyone interested in beautiful plants and flowers.


Laura spent her childhood working in the family business, Andrews Seed. And after studying nursing abroad, Laura wasn’t expecting to return to working with plants again. 


Garden Answer videos cover everything from hydrangeas to houseplants. Laura draws on her experience as a gardener at her family garden center, Andrews Seeds, where she worked throughout high school. Even nowadays, Laura still works there regularly besides creating videos. But even with all that experience, the gardening expert sometimes fails, just like everyone else does in their journey with gardening. Her transparency about failure is another great motivation for those just starting to try their luck with gardening. You can never know everything, and as Laura herself mentioned, she learned a lot of new things about gardening throughout the creation of her YouTube channel.


Nowadays, with over one million subscribers on YouTube and 500 thousand followers on Instagram, it would not be an exaggeration to call this woman who loves being outdoors as much as anyone else was crowned “Garden Queen.”

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