Gabi Gregg, popular as Gabi Fresh on social media platforms, is a plus-size model, fashion blogger and designer with an emphasis on clothes. Her blog is where she connects with real women while encouraging confidence in herself as well as other curve-represented Ladies who couldn’t quite find their niche out there but want it anyways! Gabifresh has traveled all over the world documenting her style from Paris to Coachella lawns–so if you’re looking for someone passionate about fashion then definitely check this girl’s work because chances are your tastes align pretty closely (pun totally not intended)!

She started blogging about the beauty of curves at Gabifresh where she also blogs about what it’s like being an independent woman in today’s society. She had always been a fashion and modeling enthusiast since childhood. She gained popularity as she became one of the most well-known curvy models on Instagram, thanks to her photos that attracted thousands in less time than it took you to read this sentence!


Gabi Gregg was born on September 9th, 1986 in Detroit Michigan. She studied at Mount Holyoke College with a degree in international relations.


Gabi Gregg is the go-to for all things fashion and beauty. She began her career as a blogger over twelve years ago, focused on both topics through Gabifreshblog. From working in editorial to consulting brands before deciding that this was what she wanted out of life full time; it’s a safe bet you’ll find something on her account worth your attention!


The Instagram star has a passion for designing swimwear and lingerie. In addition, she designs plus-size brands including Premme which unfortunately no longer exists since 2019! But that’s not all: the influencer regularly collaborates with several other designers on various projects like this year’s Swimsuits For All collection or last years Playful Promises line of bikinis/lingerie garments made from sustainable materials such as bamboo silk felt – so you can get your hands on some cool new pieces without compromising style while supporting people who work hard at making them happen.


When it comes to swimwear, Gabi makes sure that the fits are perfect for everybody. Her designs can be purchased up until size 58 and she doesn’t disregard comfort or style either! With all women in mind with her new Swimsuits For All collection; you’ll want some summery goodness too once you are done reading about the designer (hopefully).


Gabi held an open casting call for her fans to participate in the campaign and show off their best swimsuit photos. She received so many requests from aspiring models that it was a great way of meeting all those people who love following what she does, as well as giving other women around town a chance at being part of something special.


The event was a huge success, with more than 500 women showing up from around the world. What’s even better is that these ladies came in all shapes and sizes: tall ones short stout figures curvaceous or petite plus-sized models there are many different types of bodies represented here at our store!


Gabi Fresh is not yet married but in a relationship with her boyfriend, Cornell. They have been dating since 2014!


Gabi Gregg has an estimated net worth of $1m. She makes money from modeling, brand promotions, commercials, blogging and her swimwear lines.

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