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Gabriela is a famous teen Mom blogger. She lives with her baby girl Lavender in Los Angeles. Gabriela shares episodes from her experience of being a teen mom, showing us all how incredible of an experience it can be.


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The young Mom influencer started out as a YouTuber. She started actively using other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram only after becoming popular due to her various dance skits on Youtube that went viral.
The now-one-of-the-youngest Instagram Moms has a pretty simple recipe as an influencer – just being her silly bubbly and relatable self. Regardless of the constant overflow of negative comments from numerous people regarding her appearance, her pregnancy, and her intentions, Gabriela Gonzalez still manages to keep a positive overall attitude that seems pretty genuine.
The whole media backlash and the what’s-going-on started out when Gabriela revealed photos of her newborn baby girl Lavender with then rumored boyfriend Jack Avery, who is a member of a boy band Why Don’t We. None of Gabriela’s fans knew about the pregnancy because she made sure to keep it hidden in order to not attract too much media attention. There was a wave of reactions and questions like ‘Jack Avery baby daddy?’ and ‘How did she manage to keep her pregnancy hidden for that long?’ were all over the internet.
Gabriela’s family and a couple of close friends were the only people who knew about the pregnancy. And they were all very supportive. It was only six weeks after giving birth that Gabriela decided to post a video with details about her pregnancy leading all the way up until the actual birth. Lavender is an absolute joy in Gabriela’s life. She plans on having more children of her own as well as adopting in the future but as she mentioned she would like to be married first.
Gonzalez moved to Hawaii in order to be closer to her other young Mom friends and raise Lavender alongside other children. The influencer and the boy band singer are not together anymore. The reason for their breakup might very well have something to do with the cheating rumors on Jack’s side. Whatever the case is, Gonzalez and Avery continue to co-parent their baby girl.
With the new chapter in her life marked by the move to Hawaii, Gabriela shared with her followers and subscribers that she would like to start being more open with her emotions. Other than the drama and the negativity surrounding the hidden pregnancy, according to her social media Gonzalez’s life seems pretty positive and perfect. But as she mentions herself, life has its ups and downs, and of course, she has bad days just like good ones. She hopes that her sharing more of herself in whatever form or mood will be helpful to someone out there. Gabriela Gonzalez encourages her followers to learn to stand up for themselves, not pay attention to things that don’t essentially matter, and do what’s best for them because unfortunately one way or another negativity will always exist.
She usually travels with her baby girl and shares amazing moments with Lavender on her social media. If you’re a teen mom looking for endless inspiration – start following her now.

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