Yumna Jawad is a social media star and chef who is best recognized for her feelgoodfoodie Instagram account, where she posts healthy recipes and other other food related content. 


Yumna was born on June 30, 1982 in The United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, the people of this sign are considered to be hyper emotional, temperamental and spiteful, especially women of this sign are known for their round features and cheerful disposition, which makes them seem warm and welcoming. 


Yumna Jawad got famous due to her recipes. As for now, she has a webpage called “feel good foodie” . On her webpage she includes a huge variety of recipes, which people can use in different situations and for different occasions. People can find recipes for Valentine’s day, Easter, Ramadan, Mother’s day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and others. There is a special place on the website, where people can find useful tools, tips, ingredient guidelines and more. 


Jawad once said that it is quite funny and unbelievable but when she got married she could not cook at all.Many years ago, Yumna worked in marketing in the retail food industry, however it did not mean that she could cook. But there was no need to cook as Jawad’s mother was always there to cook the most delicious meals. She also tells that all the time, after a long working day, Yumna was stopping by her mom’s house on the way home from work to pick up food for dinner. She never could imagine how she could even get dinner on the table after a very long day at work. 


Yumna is a fan of her mother’s food, and in reality she mentioned that she just did not want to let go of her mom’s food. According to Yumna, her mother is a real wizard in the kitchen, who makes all the Lebanese classics. She makes them fresh, good in taste and at the same time in a modern way. Yumna’s mother was an idol for her, and as a result she talked her into teaching her how to cook, the “lessons” were on the phone,  in 2007, when there was not any FaceTime, however the mother and daughter made it. Feel Good Foodie is rooted in that exact experience. Now, Yumna feels like the wizard of her kitchen, who is helping many people to get dinner on the table every night. In her opinion, everybody needs the tips, tricks and recipes that her mother used and taught her along with all the things that she has learned during the intervening years.


Yumna Jawad has an Instagram account with about 3 million followers. Her Instagram account is fully dedicated to food preparation and was launched in 2013. There you can see the photos of the food that Yumna cooks and prepares. She also has lots of highlights according to different themes like kids in the kitchen or what she ate today. You can also find  “feel good foodie” on YouTube Feelgoodfoodie. Here Yumna has over 64K subscribers. On this platform people have the opportunity to see how Yumna cooks and cook with her cause she shows the process very precisely and with pleasure.


Yumna lives with her husband and two children.

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