Fat Monkey is the name of a quite famous YouTube channel. Behind the Youtube channel stands a boy who calls himself Fat Monkey. He is a real foodie king who loves to eat and cook whatever sounds good at the moment. Fat Monkey is not an expert chef by any means, however, the subscribers and food lovers can be sure that the recipes are quite good ones and as Fat Monkey says it is more important to cook according to the feelings the person has. Fat Monkey is always open to receive, listen and try cooking with new recipes, he even encourages people and his subscribers to share their ideas, and recipes by leaving a comment or messaging him, and in his next videos he will try them out and share the experience.   


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Fat Monkey is active only on two social media platforms which happens to be YouTube and Facebook. This may provide little problems because there are many other social media platforms that allow them to grow more and become famous more rapidly, and they have many different features, however, Fat Monkey decided to have a presence on these two platforms only.


On YouTube Fat Monkey has had a precenese for only 2 years. His channel was created back on April 14, 2020. Fat Monkey’s YouTube channel is Fat Monkey. According to the about section of the channel, Fat Monkey is located in Hong Kong. Due to the hard work, dedication and of course the interesting, unique and at the same time a little funny content, as for now, the YouTube channel Fat Monkey has more than 947K subscribers, more than 150 uploaded videos and more than 442 million of total number of views. The very first video that was posted on the YouTube channel was called “ ten kings and eight stewed chickens, the strongest version in the history of Farewell My Concubine!”. The video was uploaded on April 14, 2020, that video was about how Fat Monkey makes a “ Farewell My Concubine”, the strongest version in history, the ingredients are 10 turtles stewed 1 chicken, however Fat Monkey mentioned that it was the very first time for him to cook it and he does not expect to be successful in the end. This video caused a high level of activity and gained more than 2 million views, and more than 1300 comments, which were quite positive, thankful and funny. For now, the approximate average number of views per video is about 168.7 K. During one month Fat Monkey posts and uploads about 16 videos. As of November, 2021 the most popular video of Fat Monkey is called “ Buy a 22 jin beef leg for 600 yuan, and the whole one is grilled over charcoal fire. It’s worth it!”. It gained over 36 million views, more than 226K likes, 38K dislikes and over 7K comments. 


Fat Monkey also has a Facebook account which is called Fat Monkey Official. On this platform Fat Monkey is less active compared with his YouTube channel, however here he has more than 1.5K followers. 


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