Lee Sang-Hyeok, well-known as Faker, is a Korean professional gamer. His early childhood was profoundly affected by the absence of his mother from his life. As a result, he developed emotional problems right through into adulthood. Raised without a mother, he grew into a shy kid who couldn’t confide in his family for his troubles. This trauma from his early years still makes him jittery in talking about his personal life. Although his career path is commendable, success didn’t bring him peace. 


With his mother not having been on his side, he took to gaming as a means to relieve himself of the personal distress. Faker excelled in gaming and sought fame by being on various platforms. He is known for his high mechanical skills and is undoubtedly one of the best League of Legends players of all time. He believes that learning from his defeat makes him a better player. Faker hasn’t taken his past failures as a reason to disbelieve in himself, however less the disappointments. He has come to become the most sought-after Korean online gamer. 


E-sports journalists have given him the title of Lionel Messi Of LoL. As a child, Faker mostly played Moba Chaos. His extraordinary solo kills against Ambitio were phenomenal. He owned 3 LoL skins after winning the World Championship. He couldn’t stream on twitch due to a contract made with a rival gaming platform, Azubu. However, with the end of their agreement in 2017, he began his ever-increasing twitch fame that garners millions of followers. 


Faker played games on the Korean server by the name GoJeonPa. He discovered League of Legends in December 2011 after browsing on the Internet for new online games. He also plays Leblanc, Ryze, and Ahri in addition to LoL. He joined SK Telecom’s T1 secondary squad in 2013 and shocked the world in OlympicChampion Spring by topping the game the same year. He is one of the only two gamers to have won the League of Legends World Championship three times. He partly owns T1 Entertainment & Sports, which is why the name is T1 Faker.

He earned millions of dollars in prize money. Lee loved utilizing his time playing puzzles which is what helped him to become the king of League of Legends. 


Faker was born on the 7th of May 1996 in Seoul, South Korea. Raised by his father, Kyung-Joon, and paternal grandfather, his mother had cut ties with him and his father early on. He is a dropout who left high school mid-way to focus on his gaming skills and was given full support for his passion by his family. His father knew that he was born to defeat all the other professional gamers and so he did. He is the first player to reach 1000-2000 kills in LoC and second to play about 500 games. He hopes to restart his academic pursuit once he’s done with gaming. Faker has about 1.4 million subscribers on Youtube, and 429k followers on Instagram. He doesn’t speak English and needs a translator in order to reach his English audience. 


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