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Matthew Karsten was born on December 9, 1985 in New Hampshire.

He went to college at Montana State University before starting his life full of new, adventurous and energetic things.

Matt Karsten is a photographer and blogger who likes traveling to different places, to explore new sights and who is always in search of new adventures. When he quit his job in 2010, the only possessions that remained were a suitcase and plane ticket. He sold everything for this enormous leap of faith to Guatemala where life has been an adventure ever since; exploring new cultures with every stop along his journey around Central America .


Karsten is a photographer and traveler who founded one of the most successful travel blogs. Ranked as one of the most successful travel blogs, specializes in adventure for those traveling on a budget with more than three million visits per month and counting. Matt’s both lived and traveled in different places such as Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Central America, Spain, among others. 


Matt Karsten who has been exploring the world for 10 years gives young travelers and adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to know more and be aware of different things before traveling. In the blog Matt shares entertaining stories, budget travel tips, fun YouTube videos, inspiring travel photography, advice on nomadic living, and plenty of outdoor adventures based on Matt’s travels and experiences around the world. The main purpose of the blog is to show how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open the young traveller’s mind to new possibilities. In Karsten’s opinion, his blog is a place for people who are looking for daily inspiration and motivation to live a life full of adventure. The destinations that you can know about are Africa, Asia, Central America, Caribbean, Euorope, Middle East, North America and some of the Polar Regions. 


Karsten has collaborated with known travel publications such as, National Geographic, Mashable, Lonely Planet and Travel Channel to create the best guides for exploring new places.


Matt Karsten has an Instagram account expertvagabond with over 143K followers. On this platform Matt also shares his shots from very different beautiful destinations. And to say the truth his shots have just breathtaking beauty. Matt also posts photos of himself and his family. He has few highlights according to hiking, snow, work, travel and gear. 


Matthew is married to Anna Karsten. Anna has her own Instagram account anna.everywhere. She has over 174K followers. Anna shares cool nature pictures, pictures of herself from travelings and pictures with her family, Matt and their two sons Dylan and Holden. Anna Karsten has her own travel blog. She visited over 90 countries on all 7 continents and she lived in 8 countries. She traveled mostly solo but in the past few years she travels with her family. The main purpose of her blog is to show that a person does not have to be ultra rich or have a partner to travel, everything is possible if there is a wish. 


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