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Brazilian fitness model Eva Andressa has a perfect 10. From skinny teenager to powerful and mighty woman, the 31-year old Brazil native proves that you can be both beautiful AND strong!

In this day of female empowerment where we strive for equality among all genders; it’s refreshing when someone breaks stereotypes by being something different than what people expected them to–and having success at doing so along with becoming one of my favorite modern era physical specimen icons: an empowered Brazilian bikini athlete with global appeal.


Eva Andressa was born and raised in Brazil’s Pine Nut Land, Curitiba. Embarrassed about looking a lot younger because of how skinny she had been since her teenage years- Eva began working out to help thicken up her figure! 


Eva Andressa thought she would never be able to achieve the body of her dreams. But with no trainer and little knowledge on how fitness worked, after only one month Eva gave up trying because it felt hopeless – until two years later when a friend introduced her to Crossfit.


After only one year of practice, her body could already tell that genetics were on Eva’s side. She starting considering competing. Eva had progressed enough towards achieving what many people don’t even dream about: becoming an athlete!


By the age of 21, she entered her first competition and walked away as the champion. She did this all under guidance from her husband who also happens to be an accomplished bodybuilder himself!


Building on the success of 2005, Eva continued to develop her physique for two more years. At age 22 she decided it was time to enter a different field and entered Brazil’s 2006 NABBA Parana Championships – this would be an opportunity that would take up all of one day’s worth of work in addition to what she had already done before!

The hard work paid off by placing 1st with great results overall but most importantly adding another winner title under her belt: “Figure Champion.”


She took a break from her career on stage in 2007, but she still trained at the gym and never gave up. She was determined to achieve that dream body of hers by any means necessary!


At 24, Eva decided that she had enough time to recover both mentally and physically. She began competing again with new ambitions of winning bigger shows which led her to compete in the 2008 IFBB Body Fitness Competition in Brazil for 1st place at a major event! Continuing her perfect competition history, this young woman was placed first on stage among such famous athletes as Jackie Warner or Anna Kournikova. But it’s not over yet- Eva is still hungry for more as seen by what happened next…


In 2009, Eva entered another IFBB competition in the Bodyfitness category. Despite this being one of the most difficult categories to enter, not only was she placed 1st again but also won both overall and special award for being a top 3 finalist at South American Championships!


In 2010, she was invited to appear on a celebrity TV show in Brazil – Programa do Jo. After the show and with her success as one of Brazil’s most famous athletes online, it wasn’t long before people noticed!


In the last 6 years, Eva has become an international icon. She’s been featured in numerous magazines around the world and is recognized by millions as their fitness guru!


Eva doesn’t follow a workout plan, and trains what she feels like on the day. However, Eva always does 4 sets for every exercise with no counting reps orsets in order to get as strong as possible- even if it’s not prescribed by their program.


Eva Andressa met her future husband, Jarden Barros during his break from fitness. The two lovebirds were soon dating and it was then that Eva realized how important he had been in helping motivate her to achieve body transformation- all because the guy happened to be an athlete!

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