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Emma Hill is a British Blogger and Style Guru who was born on August 12, 1985. She has mastered the art of streetwise fashion with more than 790 thousand Instagram fans to prove it!


Emma Hill is a creative soul who needed to express herself and her thoughts on Fashion. In October 2008, with no formal fashion training but an open mind for new ideas, she created this blog (formerly named EJ Style) which was originally just going to be about clothes shopping tips from home-to-office or work style basics like how do you decide what’s right if something doesn’t fit quite right? It has now grown into so much more than that!

In addition, the author posts daily outfit combinations in both photos posted by themselves as well as ones where they are styled by professional photographers such as Martin Schoeller  From their Instagram account under @ejstyleblog


In the blogosphere, Emma Hill’s voice is a familiar one. She has made an effort to create her own little corner of the internet where she can share inspiring words and connect with others all over the world!


Emma Hill’s blog, formerly named EJ Style, was just a hobby when she started writing in 2008. But as time passed by with encouragement from friends and family that it could be turned into something more than what it had originally been meant for, she began thinking about how much fun this new venture would be! 


She was fortunate enough over ten years ago when she started blogging on weekends for fun; it eventually grew into something much bigger than expected with many incredible experiences including traveling all around the world doing interviews from New York City (on top of working at some favorite brands). 


More background? Well, growing up in London, Hill was always interested in the arts. She studied art at Wimbledon School of Art before graduating from Ravensbourne College, returning to finish her degree with a major in fashion design!


Hill left London for New York to become an accessory designer with Liz Claiborne. His first job was designing handbags, and this showed that he had a knack for fashion as his designs became popular among celebrities like Destiny’s Child!


She has worked for a range of prestigious fashion brands including Marks & Spencer, designing accessories in 1997 and also working as part of the trend forecasting team.


Over the next 10 years, she worked for Marc Jacobs, Gap, Temperley, Reiss, Chloe, Mulberry. Her main roles were accessory designer, vice president of adult accessory design, consultant and creative director.


Hill announced that she was leaving Mulberry in 2013 after six years as its creative director. She created a world-class luxury brand in an industry where it’s not easy to stand out, and is now moving onto other projects with much promise for success!


Emma Hill has been married to Simon Creasey since 2016. Simon, a.k.a “Employee of the Month” left his full-time job in the public sector in June 2017 to become an equal partner with the business. Since then they have been able to expand their content on YouTube and grow a Channel of over 187K subscribers with 15 million views across their videos. He’s the man behind all of the photography, videography, editing and more – he does it all! Simon learned how by himself through self-training with professional equipment like DSLR cameras or drones for aerial videos (among other things). They have a son named Hudson who lives in West London.


Emma Hill’s net worth is estimated at about $100 thousand. 

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