Emily Skye

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With a background in fitness, modeling and photography as well as an athletic lifestyle Emily Skye is one of the most well-known people on Instagram. Her photos are always full of bright colors that make her seem like she’s having fun while working out and not at all embarrassed by it!


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Emily Skye is a well-known model and has become known for her no-nonsense approach to dieting, training, living a healthy life. However, she wasn’t always this way when starting out in a modeling career. As a teenager, she was an insecure and frustrated girl who suffered from depression. She decided to do something about it by moving away from the traditional modeling world towards healthier living habits like exercising more often.


As a teenager, she drifted from one thing to another not knowing which direction her life would take. She couldn’t decide what path, in particular, was right for her when suddenly something clicked and it all came into focus: “I realized that I had been lost before,” says Emily with surprisingly deep insight considering how young they are now-Amen!


In a world where the media tells us what is “perfect,” Emily’s health declined due to an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. In order for her body image, she started modeling which became too much work when all you want to eat or be active in life can only focus on looking perfect every day rather than feeling healthy – but now with new knowledge about how this impacts your mind!


Emily’s workouts are intense and focused. She’ll limit the amount of time she takes between sets, preferring to work out with Tabata or circuit style training for maximum results in a minimum amount of time! A typical day includes going hard at a variety of exercises so that her body has no chance to get used to them – sometimes even sacrificing sleep if necessary (which is totally worth it),


Now Emily is in a relationship with Declan Redmond. The couple lives in California, where Declan runs his own business. He has over 39K followers on Instagram and always supported his partner’s success even when they were dating; he never asked for credit or recognition but behind the scenes did everything to help her achieve things she wanted without any hesitation at all!


The two have been blessed with kids – daughter Mia who is growing up just like a typical little girl should do (in fact most likely very well) while their son Izaac keeps being an adorable troublemaker every day of childhood still waiting until adulthood gets here already so we can see what else might happen next?! 

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