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Elisabeth’s Instagram account is one of the most popular in CrossFit, and it’s not hard to see why. Elisabeth Akinwale is an American Crossfit competitor, social media celebrity and former gymnast. She has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. She’s popular for being the first black woman to win two consecutive North Central Regional crowns.


She started taking part in sports when she was only 4 years old after being inspired by her sister who became famous for competing at a high level of competition.


Elisabeth eventually became a successful gymnast after she won several awards as well. She continued with her sport until college, unfortunately sustaining many knee injuries that forced the athlete goodbye from competition forevermore!


During her recovery, Elisabeth found that the weight room was where she wanted to be. Cleaning and pressing became an outlet for strength training which quickly evolved into a passion of its own as it led towards full health again!


Elisabeth’s passion for fitness led her to CrossFit and weightlifting, which she now teaches full-time. Her success has gained international support from fans who love watching women compete in this male-dominated sport of theirs—making Elisabeth an internet sensation!


Elisabeth’s love for the sport was quickly apparent, and it didn’t take her long to progress. When she decided that competing would be something worth doing, Elisabeth went out on a limb by trying out CrossFit competitions!

Mildly-Interesting: What does one do before giving up their day job? Compete in fitness marathons of course!


Elisabeth was a gymnast in her early days, and she loved the competitive aspect of it. When CrossFit came along though, Elisabeth found an even more satisfying way to be part of this sport – because not only does Crossfit offer you something back for your efforts when competing but also allows people with different abilities to work together on common goals as well!


After giving birth to her first child, Elisabeth realized that the only way to get in shape while caring for her son was by finding a workout routine that could be done at home with equipment she already had and outdoors running as often as possible.


I know what you might be thinking–how on earth does this mother-of-one have time? But it turns out, Elisabeth found an innovative solution! She would use these prenatal workouts combined with outdoor runs when going through postpartum not just because they’re great exercises but also so fitness didn’t go stagnant during raising kids.


Elisabeth Akinwale mostly trains alone. Necessity or preference, but it has become the norm for her over the years. Training is an outlet for her, a time to focus on the inner experience of what she’s doing. Spending many years training alone with her hat pulled down and her headphones on became Elisabeth’s thing.


Elisabeth Akinwale is happily married living with her husband and son for many years. The Instagram star is very tight-lipped and cautious about the information she shares with the public. 


Is Instagram fame worth it? That is the million-dollar question for Elisabeth Akinwale, a 42-year old athlete who has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand – one million dollars.


In addition to having such an impressive list of accomplishments as a well-known fitness activist, Elisabeth knows how important it can be to keep up appearances so she often posts selfies throughout her workouts which only serve as confirmation that yes indeed this person might actually look like they’ve got some muscle under their skin 😉

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