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Companies are turning to influencer marketing as a potent tool for their business, and it’s growing in popularity. Companies pay individuals who have large followings on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook to post pictures of products with captions mentioning them; sometimes, these posts include links that lead viewers directly into purchasing what they were just viewing online! 


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And sometimes, the best influencer marketing is done by dogs. I mean, who wouldn’t want their product endorsed by a little dynamo? There are many reasons why an energetic Laborador retriever like Stella may be an excellent choice to represent your brand in the emerging world of influencer marketing. For starters, she has plenty of personality and can do tricks for snacks!


Stella, the labrador, is one of the most fun-loving dogs you can imagine, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also have hidden depths. She is always up for an adventure and will do whatever it takes to get her heart pumping. Staggeringly adorable, Stella is very curious and can’t help but make herself at home in any environment. This furry friend has an insatiable need to explore and burrow full speed into leaf piles on trees or squeeze themselves into tiny spaces when she’s not busy biting anything within reach!


This dog is the definition of absurdity! But it turns out people actually love her for this very reason! 


Her owner, Jody Hartman, first noticed that people were drawn to her outrageous behavior online and decided to build up Stella’s online presence and make her into a star. On her Instagram account, where Stella has about 400 thousand followers, you can see pictures of this crazy pooch accompanied with funny and witty captions.


Jody used to work in marketing, but he now spends his days posting pictures of Stella’s stunts on social media. This is now Jodie’s full-time job, and it pays off! You might be surprised to know that pet influencers can make a good living too. The best of them can sometimes even make more than human influencers do.


Hartman’s dog is such a cutie, but her marketing power could be even greater. He began paying close attention to the things she does and now uploads them for his Youtube channel, where viewers can see how cleverly dressed-up dogs will play games or chase after leaves with her humans.


Hartman is working as hard as he ever has to create funny and entertaining content, and he’s getting paid quite well for it. The hours can be very long, and sometimes Stella needs her food or friends to hang out with in order to make entertaining content full time, so Hartman does what he can while juggling all of his other responsibilities.


Stella has gained internet fame, and the video of her running around Hartman’s yard some years ago on a whim became an instant classic!

Hartman’s years in marketing have shaped his understanding of what it takes to make an effective social media presence. And as a dog lover and marketer, he knows that good content will appeal across all demographics. 


Nowadays, their family has grown even bigger with the addition of another dog called Mabel. So if you check out their social media, you will surely be greeted with double the fun!

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