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Nicola Cross has an incredibly pleasant personality and even a better sense of humor. None of her blog posts are boring to read. You don’t even notice how you end up reading a couple of them back to back and either smiling to yourself or laughing like Nicola is a friend of yours who sent this really long text that you read with great pleasure. It’s her tone and voice in writing, which is crucial to find as a writer of any sort. She’s just being herself and having a conversation with her readers like she’s right there sitting next to them laughing and sipping wine.

The Mom blogger refers to herself as a beach babe and someone who for the first 6 months after having Rosie had a hard time comprehending that she became one of those Moms with constant online presence talking about this and that their kid did. Nicola admits to literally eye-rolling through all of those ‘Sharon’ posts but she also admits that she kinda turned into Sharon so maybe the eye-rolling was a tad bit unnecessary.

Nicola’s overall style as a Mom blogger is very honest and open. She talks about everything and does not shy away from questions – she addresses them all in a detailed manner. She even has her daily routine written hourly in her blog. She shares all the products she used pre, during, and post-pregnancy and describes what has worked for her and why she found that to be the best option. She does not miss out on any details whether it’s what has happened, what she felt or thought – you can read up on it all in her blog. It goes to the extent of describing her ‘snissing’ – yup, it’s exactly what you thought it is – sneezing and pissing simultaneously.

Illunah is an online shop where you can find beautiful and minimalistic tapestries that you can either get as a wonderful gift, for your kids in the nursery or even as an encouraging reminder for yourself. Currently, there are only two tapestries with supportive and I-know-right but you-got-this-babe kinda energy because as Nicola shares, she wasn’t gonna spend all her savings here and go bankrupt in the perfect year of 2020. But she’s excited to expand and create many more products as they go.

If you wanna enjoy some heart-to-heart talks spiced up with humor and a whole bunch of sass then follow Nicola Cross and check out her blog – won’t regret it, babe. She’s like the girlfriend you didn’t know you were missing. She quotes Mean Girls you guys – I mean… Do I really need to say more?

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