Megan Gilmore is a certificated nutritionist consultant (CNC) who loves sharing healthy and at the same time quick and tasty recipes to prepare. Megan has two children and she considers herself as a busy mom. She can barely keep up with the demands of taking care of all her kids, cooking food for them on top of everything else that needs doing in their house but it’s worth every minute when you see how excited her children are after eating their dinner full of healthy and nutritious ingredients.  


Gilmore has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications and later she trained at Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. Megan also studied clinical nutrition at the Natural Healing Institute, and after she became a certificated nutritionist consultant (CNC), she trained with Clinical Nutritionist and Detox Expert, Natalia Rose in Intelligent Detox Counseling. Megan took part in many interviews like “Pickler & Ben”, “Hallmark’s Home & Family”, “The 700 club”, “KTLA” and “Kansas city live”. She also participated in podcast interviews like “Wellness Mama”, “Food blogger pro”, “Free spirit academy” and “Chopped”.Gilmore has also been featured on Forbes, BuzzFeed, Greatist, The Guardian,, Clean Eating Magazine and more. 


Megan Gilmore is also an author of books.On June 2, 2015 she published “Everyday Detox: 100 easy recipes to remove toxins, promote gut health and lose weight naturally”. In 2017, Megan published her second best-selling cookbook named “No excuses detox: 100 recipes to help you eat healthy every day”. Later, on June 9, 2018 Gilmore published her third bestselling cookbook named “The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook: 75 easy recipes for light meals to make in your electric pressure cooker. 


Megan Gilmore  is famous for DetoxInsta. As for now, she has about 179K followers. On this platform,  she mainly shares about different easy and delicious recipes that are made with whole food ingredients, to help and support your body’s natural detoxification process. Megan mentioned that by eating more nutrient-rich foods, and less processed one, a person will naturally support their body, without doing anything drastic. There are many highlights on Megan’s page according to topics like “Meal ideas”, “Favorite things”, “Instant pot accessories”, “Vegan recipes”, “Q&A” and many more.


Megan has a YouTube account named “Detoxinista”  with about 19K subscribers. Her first video on YouTube she uploaded in 2015 with a caption “Easy healthy snacks”. There are different videos on her page like 5-minute easy dishes to cook, how to cook different dishes like pasta, spaghetti or pancakes. Gilmore also tests some products like juicer, air fryer and many more. 


 Megan Gilmore has her own story connected to healthy eating. Eating healthy and well has not always come naturally for her. As a military brat her family moved often while she was growing up and she relied heavily on fast food. Megan was fortunate to be a very active child with a good metabolism,  but her bad eating habits caught up with her in college when she became more sedentary. Megan gained nearly 30 pounds during her freshman year. Desperate to fit in her clothes again, she embarked on a series of diets to help her lose weight. Megan tried going low-carb, eating a vegan diet, and she even did 30-day raw food fast, but she was always in an “all-or-nothing” mindset. She was either on a diet or she was not and when she wasn’t dieting she would secretly binge-eat and gain all of her weight back — sometimes winding up heavier than I had even started. 


Megan suffered in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating for years. She was miserable. She always thought if she could just find the “perfect” diet, or maybe if she just lost her weight with a temporary strict diet, she could figure out how to maintain her weight loss later. 


After some period of time, finally she figured it out. However she didn’t achieve lasting weight loss until she developed a Healthier relationship with food. Instead of restricting entire food groups, she now focuses on streamlining her digestion and eating higher quality foods. Nothing is off limits.

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