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Dave Lee is a YouTube phenomenon who has accumulated more than three million subscribers to his channel. He posts frequently about the latest gadgets and devices, all while sprinkling in some entertaining content for those that are looking to stay engaged with what he does online.


Tech guru Dave2D is a YouTube channel that specializes in tech reviews, comparisons, and advice. With over 639 million views for his wide range of videos on the subject matter, he has quickly become one of those go-to vloggers when it comes to learning something new about what’s happening with technology these days.

His content is always on-trend and in high demand. He shares his thoughts about laptop setups, different tablets, headphones, reviews on technological wearable devices, videos on many different phones, gaming devices, and laptops. He also shares his thoughts on certain devices, updating videos, and tutorials.


Dave Lee was born on October 31, 1980 (age 40) in Toronto, Canada. He is a celebrity video star. 

Lee knew that he wanted to be a YouTuber from an early age, but it wasn’t until recently when the time came. He launched his YouTube channel on January 5th,2015, and started uploading videos just 9 days later! Since then Lee has been making technology-related content for people all around the world and has been gaining recognition in this field.


He posts videos twice a week on YouTube and it’s easy to tell that he loves what he does. The creativity in his voice cannot be hidden as each sentence leaves you with an impression that is impossible not to want more after hearing him speak for just one time․


He’s not afraid to use language that is accessible, understandable, and easy for everyone in his audience. As a result, he has an extensive following of people who want what he has because they can relate better than those with more difficult-to-understand messages and this makes it easier for people who don’t know what he is talking about, and those that do but want more information on an issue without having to read another article online.


The most viewed video of Dave2D is The World’s Most Powerful Laptop which has over 30 million views, where he does an unboxing and review on the Predator 21X – the Epic gaming laptop from Acer that costs $9000


Dave Lee’s love life is a mystery. As of 2021, he has not been dating anyone and according to Celebs Couples Dave had at least 1 relationship previously with someone who isn’t named in the article which makes it hard to figure out if they’re engaged or married without any other sources giving insight on that topic.


He keeps up with the latest on social media. Dave2D is always updating his status, and he knows how to use every single platform well. He has his own

Dave Lee has an Instagram account that’s 267K followers deep. He regularly shares content with his audience of people all around the world, providing them a window into what he adores. He has 3,41 million subscribers on the YouTube channel where he has over 639 million views. He also has a Twitter account, where he posts interesting information and stats. His followers on this social media site number 309,9K.

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