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Having come from a humble background, Daequan Loco is an American professional Fortnite player who has had a bumpy road. With Daequan Loco having talked about his health issues on Twitter, he stated that he had an unknown cause for his stomach problems that kept him distressed. Many claim it to be the reason why he doesn’t play anymore. With frequent breaks taken from streaming, he surely has his share of problems to take care of. While he has not been that upfront with what causes him to leave online gaming every now and then, his fans wonder where he could be. Daequan Loco has risen to popularity over the past few years, with him having struggled with keyboard warriors who spew hate against him and personalize comments that caused him substantial mental distress. With fame comes the downside to popularity, which is received with hostility by many. 


Loco’s growing fanbase believes him to be a warrior not only in gaming but also in real life. Despite the above-mentioned problems that he suffered through, he made it one of the most competitive online gamers in the whole world. He is known to have a positive outlook on life, fighting against his problems with as much dedication as he would with his gaming opposition. Daequan Loco is not only a Fortnite player but a YouTube star and a famous streamer on Twitch too. He is popular for having invented the double pump in Fortnite. Daequan Loco is given credits for having started the legendary W-key that other players now use. The gamer has showcased his skills and passion for online gaming for many years.


His YouTube channel has been chiefly about his games featured online for fans to witness his skills. His content revolves around the Fortnite games that he plays, for which he gets a lot of appreciation. He began excelling in the Season 1 solo squads in Fortnite. Daequan Loco won the first-ever invitational back in 2017. He is a five-time Fortnite Invitational winner. After playing on his own for the longest time, he teamed up with TSM as its primary member. He says that he’s blessed to be a part of TSM that saw strength and resilience in him.


Daequan Loco had always seen himself playing games from a young age. He started with playing amongst his friends and defeated almost everybody on the gaming platform. With this realization striking him, he got inspired to stream online on twitch. This then made him rise to popularity amongst the other players who he later played against. 


Born on May 12, 1994, Daequan was brought up in Florida, U.S.A. He’s a Tauras which explains his adventurous attitude for everything he takes on in life. He is currently unmarried and has a girlfriend named Exie, who he said had a life-threatening disease that he showed immense concern for. Exiena edits and prepares the content for him, which he displays as a badge of honor on his Instagram. Daequan has been on a hiatus since 2019, and we last saw him in a picture he uploaded on Instagram in November 2020. He has been absent on social media ever since. He has over 4.5 million followers, with 309 posts on his Instagram account. On YouTube, he has about 5 million subscribers, with 553 videos uploaded on his official account. 


We hope and pray that he’s doing alright and hasn’t lost interest in Fortnite that gained him millions of fans.

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