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Eleni is a full-time Mom blogger parenting three kids. On her account and Mom blog Convey the Moment, Eleni shares her experiences and captured moments of motherhood with her kids. She also loves to share plant-based food recipes since she’s vegan.


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People love her Instagram because they feel like they’re with her. Eleni’s content is engaging, her photos are aesthetically pleasing and professional but the authenticity and genuinity does not suffer as a result. The Mom influencer is able to balance the realness and most-likely-staged photo shoots that “happened to” capture their life moments. The beautiful Mom of three mainly covers the following topics – shopping, maternity, parenting, style, and food.
About fashion: Eleni always had her own personal style – boho chic. She finds that this is the way she best expresses herself. She really loves that oversized-everything look, and her preferences often include faux leather and cardigans.
For a better chance to be noticed and get a response, make sure to email Eleni early in the morning since she checks her inbox and responds to emails first thing then. Considering she’s oftentimes getting emails from companies who might want her to mention a product or wear a product in a photo on her Instagram, Eleni tries to stick to companies that she’s interested in and wears the clothes of regularly, anyway.
One of the biggest challenges Eleni is facing every day is finding a balance between working and personal life. So, try to represent your product or partnership offer as a means to more or less solve that issue.
The Mom blogger had been in the spotlight for a while before she made the hard decision to share something very big, sad and personal with her audience. She started out very generically in the lines of due to the social media people have the desire and almost even need to share all the good and all the positive stuff making it look/seem even better than it truly is. Her point was that the bad days, the sad stuff and emotional as well as the mental lows should be normalized as discussion topics as well because just like the good stuff, they are also part of life. Eleni believes that through opening up and sharing what might seem to difficult and personal, people will relate on levels they otherwise never would. She shared that her husband Timothy (Tim) and her were trying to get pregnant for a very long time but faced the issue of infertility. Eleni opened up about her emotional and mental struggles that seemed unbearable but through the help of her loving husband, she found her way towards her journey of acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love. Talking about compassion, being kind, and sucking in life as much as possible are the running themes in her content as a Mom influencer.
Follow Eleni at Convey the Moment in order to see how she celebrates life with her beautiful family and tries to cherish the little things in life that we often pass by without paying much attention and especially appreciating them.

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