Choki is the name of quite a famous Japanese YouTube channel. Nowadays, it is normal when people are staying at home to help flatten the curve of the COVID 19 pandemic and have already breezed through the Netflix watch-list and favorit Japanese films of Studio Ghibli, it might be the exact time in order to turn to YouTube. Your Ghibli binge-watch may have left you hungry – after all, the films often feature the most mouth-watering depictions of food in anime.

Thanks to the kitchen endeavours of the numerous YouTubers, people have the opportunity to actually see what it would be like to cook up a Studio Ghibli dish and even try it themselves. What is more, videos like this are usually quite therapeutic, with ASMR sounds of cooking to soothe the day. Japanese YouTuber Choki has some beautifully shot videos on her channel where she films her daily life, shares her lifestyle, which includes a lot of cooking and baking. In some of her videos, people can see her re-creating a breakfast of eggs and bacon inspired from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ as well as the herring and pumpkin pot pie from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’. Choki has also made the iconic chocolate cake from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ from scratch and many other interesting dishes. 


On YouTube Choki has had a presence for about 3 years. Her channel was created back on June 13, 2019. On her channel people can see the lifestyle of Choki including the famous cooking videos. As of December 2021, Choki’s YouTube channel has more than 902K subscribers. On the channel there are 53 uploaded videos and more than 47 million total number of views. The very first video that was uploaded on the YouTube channel of CHoki is called “ What do you want to cherish?”. The video was uploaded about 3 years ago, on August 31, 2019. This video gained more than 597K views, over 9.4K likes and about 304 very positive, and encouraging comments. During the video Choki goes for a walk by the see with her subscribers, show an amazing, beautiful and unbelievable nature, then she goes to her house shows her cat and starts cooking quite a delicious looking dish, later she makes an beautiful corner in order to have dinner and at the end of the day she goes to sleep, before sleeping she makes an aesthetic corner watches TV and then sleeps. The video with the most views is considered to be “ A Herring and Pumpkin Pot Pie | Kiki’s Delivery Service”. This video was uploaded back on November 23, 2019 and it gained more than 4 million views, over 132K likes and 3047 comments. During this video she shows a detailed cooking process in her house. 

Besides YouTube, Choki is also active on Instagram. On this social media platform her account is called choki.home and the audience here exceeds 100K followers. On this platform Choki shares aesthetic videos and photos done in her house. CHoki also has a website where people can get access to her cookbook. The website is

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