Chase Hudson


Over the years, TikTok has become a mainstream app for youngsters all around the globe. It has become a platform where the content is limitless, and so are the opportunities. Therefore, tons of teenagers have found their niche and garnered a huge fan following that has made them internet celebrities. 


Chase Hudson is one of those teens who got famous on TikTok. Understandably, it can be hard to comprehend things around you when one gets famous so young. And sometimes, all that hype even gets to the person’s head. That seems to be the case with Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy. 


Sometime back in July 2020, Chase Hudson was dating Charlie D’Amelio, and he decided to share a little kiss with Nessa Barrett, who is Chase’s friend’s ex-girlfriend. This triggered a whole bunch of TikTokers, who are all friends, started friends started unfollowing Chase Hudson from their social media. 


Chase handled the whole situation very immaturely and was acting very defensive, all while posting tweets trying to undermine the entire situation. All this only added fuel to the fire, and Charli lashed out at him through Twitter, which only rilled up the fans who were clueless about the vague but angry tweets Chase was receiving from fellow TikTokers


All the accusations were not sitting well with Lil Huddy, and he took to Twitter and put a bunch of his fellow TikTok artists on blast by ratting them out for cheating on their girlfriends. Some of these accusations turned out to be accurate, and the TikTok world went wild! 


All this really upset Chase’s fans as he was clearly deflecting the blame and wasn’t taking ownership of his mistakes instead of taking cheap shots at others. However, as time passed and Chase had some time to reflect on his actions, he made an Instagram video apologizing to everyone he hurt or pushed under the bus. 


Hudson admits that he was wrong for doing what he did and acknowledged that he should have handled all this off the internet. Hudson also said that he is learning a ton from this situation, and it is helping him grow as a person and taking accountability. All of this touched his fans, and he is back in their good graces. 


All of this actually helped Chase stay in the limelight online, thus becoming even more popular and gaining an additional fan following on TikTok. Currently, Hudson has 31.9 Million followers on TikTok


If we talk about Chase Hudson’s rise to fame, professionally, he has conquered the internet with his singing and acting skills. Moreover, he is also one of the co-founders of the social media influencer cumulative the Hype House


Lil Huddy is also known for bringing into vogue the Eboy subculture and fashion. The New York-based pop culture magazine Paper has recognized Hudson as a significant body in the revival of the 2020s pop-punk scene


It would be safe to say that the TikTok artist is securing solid bags for himself as he is generating significant revenue with the launch of his new merchandise and his contract with Interscope Records.  


Hudson hails from Stockton, California, and both his parents are school teachers. Lil Huddy also has two sisters on whose iPods he discovered punk music and fell in love with bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. The music helped him through his difficult childhood, was a pathway to fashion, and all that he is today. 


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