Cash Baker



Cash Baker is a big shot on TikTok and his brother; they are a musical duo. Baker started out on TikTok like any other person, making lip-sync videos and comedy videos. However, Cash is a man of firm beliefs, and he isn’t afraid of sharing them either. 


Back in August 2020, Baker made a series of videos sharing his views and “spreading god’s word” among his fans. Therefore, he started by preaching about how he cannot stand for the LGBTQ+ community because he is a Christian. Cash further declared that he does not promote it and certainly does not encourage it. 


But then he went on to say that that does not mean that he hates the LGBTQ+ people. He continues by quoting the Bible and letting his viewers know that according to the holy book, “one sin is as equal as all sin” and that a man should rest with a woman and vice versa. 


To make matters worse, he made another video talking about religion. He admitted that he does not appreciate people who keep faith in any religion other than Christianity. Cash circles back to quoting the Bible and shares that “Making up false Gods and Prophets is a sin in the Bible.”


All of this enraged many people, including his fans and other social media influencers who represent the LGBTQ+ community online. Baker made efforts to clarify his statements by saying that he does not disrespect people for their choices but definitely does not support them either. 


The statement only made things worse, and Cash Baker lost thousands upon thousands of fans. The teen even admits that his supporters and friends caution him to stop making such videos that portray him in an ignorant light. However, he firmly believes that he is not doing anything wrong and speaking the truth is more important than anything in the world. 


Baker stands by all he said and knows that it will affect his fan following and potential brand deals, but God’s word is above all for him. He chooses to stand by his Christian morals and values at whatever cost. 


Talking about how Cash Baker found his way to fame and success, he is a part of a band with his older brother. They make music under the name Cash and Maverick. Plus, they have a YouTube channel with the same name where they post their music and mostly clickbait content. Nonetheless, their channel boasts 1.24 Million subscribers.


On the other hand, on his TikTok page, the budding musician has a following of 17.6 Million. The brothers have been producing music since 2018. Moreover, in 2020, Cash and Maverick have signed on with media company Shots Studios. They believe that the company will help boost their growth on all social media platforms and further their music career. 


On the family front, Cash is the youngest of three children; while we know that he and his brother work together, his older sister Lani Lynn is a model and social media personality. Cash’s parents are pretty hands-on with their children’s work and often accompany the boys on their music tours. 


Cask Baker is currently a social media sensation, and he has no plans of slowing down. 


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