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Bruno, the mini Dachshund, is a one-of-a-kind pup. He may be a little on the short side, but he has more to offer than any other dog in town! His personality can’t be beaten, and all who meet him fall under its spell immediately. The furry little fellow can’t help but make an impression. He likes to be the center of attention, and his doe eyes take your heart from across a room or at first sight! People just can’t resist his charm and wit! 


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As one of the most famous dogs in London, the Mini Dachshund has been invited to parties and royal events by Her Majesty herself and even received customized presents from Barkingham Palace. 


It’s no secret that Bruno is a natural-born charmer, but it wasn’t until he got his Facebook account and Instagram page that everyone fell head over heels in love with him. Bruno won his fans over with his big heart and even bigger personality. He was the perfect match for Lindsay, who knew that she needed to share this amazing pup’s funny ways on social media! 


If you want to get entertained all day long, follow this little Dachshund! Thanks to his adorable looks, fun-loving personality, as well as being a total sweetheart Bruno’s Instagram has more than 188 thousand followers.  His sense of humor shines through on social media, where he posts all sorts of funny things that will make you laugh out loud from time to time too.


Another one of the best things about this pup is that he always has a killer style. Can you think of a more stylish and enthusiastic dog than Bruno? This pup always knows how to dress up for a fancy occasion and is happy as can be. His human Lindsay Sanders is the brains behind Bruno’s Instagram account, who captures all these great moments as pictures and shares them with their fans.


Bruno is not only good at creating enthusiastic posts on social media, but he is also a box-destroying master. Bruno is a clever dog that can open any box to get at the prize inside. He’s not just cute but also has an incredible talent for destroying anything and everything! Although most dogs are good at demolishing presents, Bruno is a diamond. He has unbelievable skills for unwrapping gifts and can tear through any box that comes his way with ease! 

With his’ how to’ guide, Bruno will even teach you and your dog the best tips for ultimate box destruction so you can follow along with the fun and chaos.  Box destroying has never been so easy! 


Another one of Bruno’s favorite activities is using his platform to bring positivity and support to those who need it most. The mini Dachshund is a one-dog army of kindness; using his fame as a pet influencer, he helps animals and people alike. He’s done work on behalf of countless charities–raising awareness for all sorts of cultural heritage places and animal welfare campaigns. 

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