Brent Morgan



Brent Morgan is a one-man show. He writes, performs, and produces all of his own music with an undeniable talent that cannot be matched in this industry today. He was born in 1991, he is 30 years old.


Brent Morgan is on the rise, dominating YouNow and beginning to upload more of his music onto YouTube.


His most popular post, the song “Broken People” featuring fellow YouNower The Dapper Rapper came at the end of 2017 and gained over 140K views in two weeks.


He’s a talented musician who performs covers from an array of genres, including rap to rock and country. He chats with his fans while streaming live on YouNow.


When you hear the soft piano notes in this song, it’s easy to think of Brent sitting down with his guitar. But he also plays drums and other instruments! He is a multi-talented musician who always finds time for more musical adventures. His soulful sound is the perfect thing to soothe his nearly 200K followers across platforms.


His voice is so smooth and soothing you’ll find yourself melting into your chair. His lyrics are catchy, yet deep enough for those who want more out of their music to chew on- comparisons range from Jason Mraz, Onerepublic, or even John Mayer if one wanted an artist that straddles genres while still remaining true to themselves in making such beautiful sounds with words.


He taught in the past as a music teacher and is now able to share his knowledge with all of us because he has become one of the newest instructors.


As a teenager, he could play multiple instruments by ear. Whenever the radio was playing something new and they played any of these songs for him to learn it would immediately come out in perfect pitch without having seen or heard anything beforehand.


Being a music producer is not always easy. For some, making beats and producing records can be the start of their career but for others, it’s just another job that they do in order to make ends meet with what may seem like little success at first glance.


His gift had been further enhanced through school where he studied percussion including learning how each piece was put together so when an opportunity arose while working online towards gaining fans from all over.


YouNow is one of the most talked-about live streaming platforms in recent history, and it’s no surprise that Brent Morgan has become a household name thanks to his presence on You Now.


With a successful career writing jingles for many national brands, he developed the knack to write catchy melodies and hooks with ease. He now broadcasts his music daily on YouNow and is currently recording his debut original EP in York City.


 He has more than 5 million views on YouTube and his videos are always interesting. His covers make everyone want to watch every second of them. He’s also famous on TikTok, he has more than 10 million views there. We can find Brent Morgan also on Instagram where he has 120K followers, on Twitter with 11K followers. He keeps his activity high on Facebook too where he is followed by 1761 friends.

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